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The History of Gleann Abhann
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The following calendar traces Gleann Abhann through her people and groups.  These highlights were compiled for the Kingdom Bid Package 7/2004 with the huge help of Barun Rory ua Riada, and the Historians of Meridies and Gleann Abhann past and present.  It is true to the best of my knowledge and understanding.  Corrections are much appreciated.  Our history continues. 

"Play the Game with Chivalry, Live the Dream with Honor."
Ender of Enderwicke, Sixth Warlord of Gleann Abhann

 AS I     I  MAY 66 – APRIL 67

A back yard going away party in far away Berkley, California starts something. This part of the Knowne World is called the West Kingdom.  Word spreads about this Society for Creative Anachronism.

 AS 2  II  MAY 67 – APRIL 68

The Barony of the Fens is started in New Orleans.

 AS 3  III  MAY 68 – APRIL 69

Interest through Science Fiction Clubs and some Professors is seen in Louisiana

The second SCA Kingdom is formed and is called East Kingdom.

 AS 4  IV   MAY 69 – APRIL 70

The third Kingdom in the SCA is called the Middle Kingdom 6/69

A huge area of states called Atenveldt becomes a Principality.   It includes what will be Meridies, Gleann Abhann and Trimaris, Ansteorra, the Sun, and the Outlands.

Atenveldt’s Southern Marches, which include areas of Meridies and Gleann Abhann were officially assigned to the East Kingdom.

 AS 5  V  MAY 70 - APRIL 71

A letter to a Baton Rouge professor from Dianna Listmaker outlines steps for him to form a Barony in Louisiana.  It was in Dianna Listmaker’s backyard that the First Tourney took place.  Barony of the Fens members assist Ross o’ the Ridge found Canton of Draconia as Baton Rouge.

 AS 6  VI MAY 71 – APRIL 72

Atenveldt becomes a Kingdom, after briefly being a part of the Kingdom of the West.

First tournament in Southern Marches hosted by the Barony of the Fens.

Draconia founding date 10/2/71


AS 7  VII  MAY 72  - APRIL 73

Ross o’ the Ridge, becomes founding Baron of Draconia 10/2/72 – 1/12/74

Correspondence between Iron Mountain (Birmingham) Wyvernwood (Tampa) and South Downs (Atlanta) discusses the formation of a Southern Kingdom, and includes what will be Gleann Abhann.

The Fens goes into decline.

A handful of students at the University of Mississippi at Oxford form what is called the Black Hole Gang.


AS 8  VIII  MAY 73 – APRIL 74

Winter meeting between Draconia, South Downs and Stargate with the King of Atenveldt, Michael of Moria, which is the first meeting of the south and west portions of the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Laurel for Ross o’ the Ridge, Draconia 1/24/74


AS 9  IX MAY 74 – APRIL 75

Francois duVent  knight  5/19/74

Laurel Herald rejected the name Southern Marches and Alderland is chosen.

Word is received that Alderland will become a Principality

Protector of the Iron Crown. Draconia  1/18/75 proposed by the Southern Marches in a way to organize the groups.  The Iron Crown was maintained by the fighter who won this once a year tourney in Draconia.


AS 10  X   MAY 75 – APRIL 76

Atenveldt forms her first principality, the Principality of Meridies, the name having changed from Alderland.

Grey Niche hosts Tournament of Lugh 8/9/75, an event that continues to this day.

Arts Fair Draconia 8/23/75

First Samhain Grey Niche, an event that continues to this day. 10/31/75

Founding date for The Shire of Grey Niche is 11/75

First Meridian Principality Coronet List held in Sirenia (Northern Florida, near what would become Arenal) won by Francois duVent. 4/3/1976

A new group forms in New Orleans, from fens to moors, it becomes the Shire of Axemoor with founding date of 11/75.  Their first event is a Tourney and Crawfish Boil.  4/10/76 

10 local events are recorded in 1975


AS 11  XI   MAY 76 – APRIL 77

Atenveldt forms her second principality, the Principality of the Sun

The first Border Raids, 7/24/76 an interkingdom war with the Midrealm was hosted by Grey Niche and continues to this day between Meridies and Middle Kingdom sometimes called the Midrealm.

Meridian Arts & Sciences hosted by Grey Niche  6/19/76

Investiture of the first Territorial Prince and Princess of the Principality of Meridies, Francois duVent and Anne.  6/25/76  They reign to 1/15/77.

Princess Tourney in Draconia  11/25/76

John the Bearkiller and Kassandra nicKraken win Meridies Principality Coronet List 9/25/1976 and are invested 1/15/1977 in Wyvernwood and reign as second Prince and Princess of Meridies until 7/9/77

Principality Arts Fair Grey Niche 3/12/77

Kingdom of Atenveldt Warlord is held with the Principality Arts Fair in Draconia.  4/2/77

Meridies Principality Coronet List (Thor's Mountain) won by William Colquitt and Helene of Florrisshen. 4/8/77.  They reign 7/9/77 to 1/14/78

6 local events recorded in 1976


AS 12 XII  MAY 77 – APRIL 78

Atenveldt forms her third and fourth principalities, the Principality of the Outlands, then the Principality of Ansteorra.

John the Bearkiller is knighted 6/25/77

Kingdom of Meridies A&S with Lugh Grey Niche 7/23/77

Petition for Kingdom status for Meridies sent to Atenveldt in July, 1977.

Trollfen is founded as a shire 9/77 and survives as the oldest shire of Gleann Abhann.

Axemoor became Barony and held Christmas Feast & Revel 12/17/77 which continues to this day

Grey Niche is elevated from Shire to Barony 8/3/77  Patrick of Ishtarr, the Wanderer is founding Baron and reigns until 7/15/78

Meridies petition for elevation to Kingdom status approved 9/77

Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi are known as the Region of Aphar   Florida has tentative name Tritonia or Land of the Flowers.  Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee are the Region of the Lair of the Phenix.  Each has a Seneschal.  Considering current growth each of these three regions expects to reach Kingdom status within two years.  Trimaris went on to become a Principality, 9/82, then Kingdom.  Further formal regionalization efforts lapsed in the early 1980’s.

First Kingdom of Meridies Crown List hosted by Grey Niche won by John the Bearkiller & Kassandra nicKraken  10/8/77

Meridies becomes Kingdom 1/14/78 with the Coronation of John the Bearkiller & Kassandra nicKraken who reign to 7/15/78.

What has been the Black Hole of Atenveldt drops “of Atenveldt” and holds Star Mangled Spanner 2/25/78 

Popular Chivalry, the newsletter of Meridies, first appears 4/1/78

Laurel to Nerak la Tisserande 4/15/78

Meridies Crown List hosted by Draconia  4/22/78 won by Orlando & Taislin who reign 7/15/78 to 3/17/79.

8 local events recorded in 1977


AS 13  XIII  MAY 78 – APRIL 79

Iron Ox was founded 5/78.

Border Raids III is hosted by Grey Niche 6/10/78

Riviere de Sange was founded 9/78

APHAR Council Meeting in Troll Fen 10/7/78

Meridies Crown List won by John the Bearkiller and Heather of Tyson 11/4/78 

Meridies Coronation of John the Bearkiller and Heather of Tyson Draconia 3/17/79 who reign to 10/27/79

Beorn Collenfehrth  knighted 12/2/78

Axemoor Baronial Investiture 12/2/78 Beorn Collenfehrth founding Baron who would serve until 12/85 approached Finn and Isolde about forming a group which was done in 1979, Seleone.

Black Hole is renamed Hammerhold after a founding member.

14 local events recorded in 1978


AS 14  XIV  MAY 79 – APRIL 80

Crown List hosted by Grey Niche was won by Francois duVent and Alix d’Augincourt 5/12/79.

Draconia hosts Coronation of Francois and Alix 10/27/79 who reign to 5/17/80.

APHAR Council Meeting in Troll Fen 10/79

Seleone was founded 10/79 as canton of the Barony of Axemoor.

Hammerhold becomes Barony 9/5/79 with Gordon Blackwolf the Disrespectful and Antonia Marin de Castilla as founding Baron and Baroness.  They will serve into the year 1982.

Shire of Small Gray Bear founded 12/79.

Meridies Crown List 2/2/80 won by Orlando & Caitlin  They reign 5/17/80 to 12/13/80.

4 local events recorded in 1979


AS 15 XV  MAY 80 – APRIL 81

Meridies Crown List won by Beorn Collenferth and Megan of the Shores 9/27/80

Meridies Coronation of Beorn and Megan hosted by Axemoor & Iron Mountain. 12/13/80, reign to 9/12/81.

Le Baton Grand is Iron Ox first event 6/21/1980

Shire of Ardanroe founded 7/1980.

12 local events recorded in 1980


AS 16  XVI  MAY 1981 – APRIL 1982

Meridies Crown List won by John the Bearkiller and Heather of Tyson 5/9/81

Shire of Dragoun’s Weal founded 5/81

Lagerdamm holds first event 7/81

Esteban Tomas de Santin   Knight 9/12/81

Hammerhold goes from Barony to Shire

Pleasure Faire first event of Dragoun’s Weal

Coronation of John the Bearkiller and Heather of Tyson who reign 9/12/81 to 4/3/82

Meridies Crown List 10/10/81 won by Cedric and Alainn They reign 4/3/82 to 9/11/82.

8 local events recorded in 1981


AS 17 XVII  MAY 1982 – APRIL 1983

Meridies Crown List won by Rogerick and Morgan. 5/8/82
They reign  9/11/82 to 4/9/83.

St Basil’s Day Tourney is first event in Ardanroe 5/22/82

In the Barony of Axemoor, 8/28/82, Megan of the Shore becomes Baroness and joins Baron Beorn Collenferth to serve until 12/85

Trimaris Principality Investiture 9/4/82

Quest for the Holy Quail is first event for Riviere da Sang 9/18/82

Meridies Crown List hosted by Iron Ox would be claimed by Verron & Elspeth 10/16/82 They would reign 4/9/83 to 9/10/83.

Shire of Lagerdamm founded 6/1982

Mars & Venus Tourney & Revel first event for Small Gray Bear 2/26/83

13 local events recorded in 1982


AS 18 XVIII  MAY 1983 – APRIL 1984

Meridies Coronation of Phelan Cathaoir-Mor and Gilraen Derrilyn hosted by Axemoor 9/10/83 and reign to 3/31/84.  Their Crown List was 5/7/83.

Meridies Crown List 3/31/84 won by John of Ean Airgead and Rondallynn who were crowned the same day and would reign to 9/8/84

20 local events recorded in 1983


AS 19 XIX  MAY 1984 – APRIL 1985

Meridies Crown List 5/5/84 won by Lawrence of Ashana & Ana Dimitriev of Plumly with Coronation in Grey Niche 9/8/84.  They reign to 4/13/85.

Meridies A&S hosted by Axemoor 6/16/84 

Francois duVent Invested Baron of Draconia 5/27/84

Meridies Crown List 10/13/84 won by Aaron & Branwen.  They reign 4/13/85  to 9/7/85.

17 local events recorded in 1984


AS 20 XX  MAY 1985 – APRIL 86

Meridies Crown List 5/11/85 won by Lawrence & Ana  They reign 9/7/85 to 4/12/86

Laurel for Isolde de Grau asu dem Lebendhertz 6/15/85

Meridies A&S  Lagerdamm  6/15/85

First War of the Diamonds 9/28/85 which continues today

Principality of Trimaris becomes Kingdom of Trimaris 91//85

Meridies Crown List won by Orlando Calvalcanti & Micheila nic Fhionguin of Sky hosted by Ardanroe  10/12/85.  They reign 4/12/86 to 9/13/86

Axemoor invests as new Baron & Baroness, 12/85 Gordon Blackwolf, the Disrespectful& Antonia Martin de Castilla   They serve until 12/12/87

10 local events recorded in 1985


AS 21 XXI  MAY 1986 – APRIL 1987

Meridies Crown list is won by Kane Redfeather and Ilissa the Nightwatcher 5/10/86 

Laurel  Gisela von Edgemund  5/31/86

/Laurel  Rowland Addison Carrick  5/31/86

Taranus Arts and Sciences Pentathalon first/ event for Lagerdamm 8/16/86

Laurel  Arielle de Brabazon 8/30/86

Meridies Coronation of Kane and Ilissa Hammerhold  9/13/86 They reign to 4/11/87.

Meridies Crown List 10/11/86 won by Carrai & Caitlin of Verrona who reign 4/11/86  to 9/12/87

Meridies Fighter Collegium  Grey Niche  11/8/86

Smythekepe founded on New Year’s Eve 12/31/86

15 local events recorded in 1986


AS 22 XXII  MAY 1987 – APRIL 1988

Meridies Crown List won by Kane Redfeather & Ilissa the Nightwatcher  5/87.

Meridies Coronation of Kane and Ilissa  9/12/87  They reign to 4/9/88

Meridies Crown List won by John the Bearkiller and Heather of Tyson Small Gray Bear 10/10/1987

In Axemoor Ragnar Kaupmadr and Laure Ellin Faucon are invested as new Baron & Baroness. 12/12/87. 

She reigns to 1/12/91.  He reigns to 2/4/95

First Winter Wonders hosted by Ardanroe, which continues to this day

Meridies Coronation of John the Bearkiller and Heather of Tyson Grey Niche  4/9/88  They reign to 9/10/88

Lee Firebrand knighted 4/14/88

17 Local events are recorded in the region in 1987


AS 23 XXIII  MAY 1988 – APRIL 1989

Meridies Crown List won by John of Ean Airgead & Rondallyn  Riviere de Sang 5/7/88

Meridies Coronation of John of Ean Airgead II & Rondallyn II Grey Niche 4/9/88  They reign to 9/10/88.

Kane Redfeather knighted  6/18/88

Meridies Crown List won by Richard of Rae Fen & Ellawin of Englewood 10/8/88

Meridies Coronation of Richard and Ellawin 4/8/89  They reign to 9/9/89

Wyrmgeist founded in fall/winter 1988 in the same local as the Barony of Draconia which was dissolved in 1984. Recognized as an Incipient Shire 1/89.  First in Popular Chivalry March, 1989.  Full shire status March 27, 1993.

Blackmoor Keep founded in 10/1988, recognized as an Incipient Shire 1/89, first in Popular Chivalry March, 1989.  Full shire status March 27, 1993.

Smythekepe gained Shire status 4/89

15 Local events are recorded in the region in 1988


AS 24 XXIV  MAY 1989 – APRIL 1990

Meridies Crown List won by Ryan & Liadrachan 5/6/89 with Coronation, in Grey Niche 9/9/89 and they reign to 4/7/90.

Blackwood was founded under the original name Silva Valta, renamed Silver Vale, then Silbermooren.5/5/89

Royal University of Meridies (RUM) hosted by Grey Niche 5/27/89

Stephen Wolf knighted 9/4/89

Meridies Crown List won by Stephen & Jacqueline Axemoor  10/14/89

Meridies Coronation of Stephen Wolf & Jacqueline de Lyons  4/7/90.  They reign to 9/8/90.

Grifphon’s Shadow formed in 1988, founded as a Canton of the Barony of Iron Mountain in the eastern half of Meridies.9/89

20 Local events are hosted in the region in 1989


AS 25 XXV  MAY 1990 – APRIL 1991

Meridies Crown List won by Michael Bohun & Judith du Bohun 5/5/90

Meridies Coronation of the 25th Crowns of Meridies, Michael & Judith 9/8/90 and reign to 4/6/91.

The Society Argent Anniversary takes place in Burnet, Texas. 

Laurel for Loren of Blackthorne  5/26/90

Meridies Kingdom A&S  Small Grey Bear 5/26/90

Meridies Crown List won by Stephen & Jacqueline Dragoun’s Weal   10/13/90

Meridies Kingdom Fighter Collegium Axemoor  11/3/90

Pelican for Jane Falda of Englewood   1/20/91

Blackmoor Keep first event Forest War I 2/9/91

Meridies Coronation of Stephen Wolf & Jacqueline de Lyons  Smythkepe  4/6/91.  They reign to 9/14/91

22 Local events are hosted in the region in 1990


AS 26 XXVI   MAY 1991 – APRIL 1992

Meridies Crown List 5/4/91 won by Hadi the Aspiring & Ameralde, reign 9/14/91 to 4/4/92.

The topic of Regionalization was again raised in the early 90’s.

Pelican for John the Bearkiller  9/15/91

Meridies Crown List won by Ryan and Gillian Axemoor 10/12/91.  They reign 4/4/92 to 9/12/92.

Laurel for Erik of Telemark 9/1/91

Meridies Kingdom Fighter Collegium  Grey Niche  11/9/91

In Anstorra a Trimaris gauntlet thrown at the feet of King Inman results in a call for war to be fought in Meridies on Gleann Abhann soil.  It will be called Gulf War.

23 Local events are hosted in the region in 1991


AS 27 XXVII    May 1992 – APRIL 1993

Meridies Crown List won by  John the Bearkiller and Jane Falada 5/2/92

Meridies Coronation of John 5 and Jane Falada 9/12/92 who reign to 4/3/93

Kingdom A&S Seleone  5/23/92

Gulf War I  Dragoun’s Weal  6/6/92

Arrow Wan founded 3/1993

Seleone elevated from Canton to Shire 1/93

Meridies Crown List won by Brian McBrand & Aeruin Axemoor 10/10/92 Their Coronation is 4/13/93 and reign to 9/25/93

Laurel for Sarita Vashtial Coya  10/31/92

Laurel for Brigit Olesdottir of Loch Ree  11/17/92

Pelican for Erik of Telemark  1/23/93

Laurel for Floriaah nic Alisdair  1/30/93

Manfred von Rothenburg Knight 2/21/93

Small Gray Bear Investiture 2/27/93 of Colin James Maclachlan and Brianne nic Auslan de Buchan as the first Baron and Baroness.  They will reign until 9/10/94

Blackmoor Keep elevated to Shire status 3/27/93

26 Local events are hosted in the region in 1992



Meridies Crown List won by Boru & Caroline Riviere de Sange 5/1/93 with reign 9/25/93 to 4/9/94.

Sionyn Muirgen ni Dhomnall  Pelican 5/15/93

Gulf War II  Dragoun’s  Weal  6/12/93

Merwydd of Effington  knighted  6/12/93

Jacqueline de Lyons  Pelican   9/25/93

Artos Aucilus knighted  9/25/93

Meridies Crown List, Ardanroe won by Gareth & Julianna 10/16/93.  They reign 4/9/93 to 9/10/94

Elesar of Northunbria knighted 10/16/93

Volume One, Issue One of The Ambassador, an excellent, one oversized page newsletter, packed with information, was dated November 1993.  Mistress Gisela von Edgemund was the first Editor. The Ambassador continues today as a well-rounded, informative newsletter.

Blackwood achieved shire status 11/6/93

Gulf War III  Dragoun’s Weal  3/19/1994

Meetings and curiae are held in 1993 and 1994 by Crown, Kingdom Officers, & interested populace as to regionalization.  The first Curia for the consideration of a region in western Meridies was held at Gulf War III under Boru I and Caroline I.

23 Local events are hosted in the region in 1993


AS 29 XXIX  MAY 94 – APRIL 95

Meridies Crown List 5/14/94 won by Boru & Caroline, Coronation in Lagerdamm reign 9/10/94 to 4/1/95

RUM Axemoor  8/6/94

In Small Gray Bear Gabrielle von Strassburg was invested as Baroness 9/10/94 and reigns until 9/24/99.

Polis Partis was Canton of Small Gray Bear

Meridies Crown List 10/8/94 won by Richard & Katrina who reign 4/1/95 to 9/9/95

Kingdom A&S Axemoor & Wyrmgeist 11/12/94

Their Royal Majesties Boru and Caroline announced formation of a Western Region of the Kingdom of Meridies January 1, 1995.  First Regional Seneschal was Jane Falada of Englewood.

Saltare Collegium II  Rivere de Sang  1/21/95

Canton of Dragon Ridge formed as part of Barony of Small Gray Bear 5/1994 Sine Nomine founded 5/1994

Ben Reic founded 1/1995, First appeared in PC 3/1995

Meridian Heraldic Symposium  Ardanroe 1/30/95

First Regional Heraldic Symposium with Buccaneer’s Ball X  Seleone 2/11/95

Gulf Wars IV  Wyrmgiest  3/18/95  where a Western Regional Meeting was held.

Axemoor invests Baron Shoiel ben Israel & Baroness Francesca da Trani 3/18/95  They reign to 3/17/00.

Laurel for Keira an Bhaird 4/1/95

27  Local events are hosted in the region in 1994


AS 30  XXX  MAY 95 – MAY 96

First Western Region Warlord Tourney was hosted by Ardanroe with the assistance of the Shires of Blackmoor Keep, Dragoun’s Weal, Iron Ox, Lagerdamm, Riviere de Sang, Troll Fen, Wyrmgeist and the

Barony of Axemoor.  The List was won my Eric of Chester from a field of 30.  Rondallyn of Kirkynall was his consort. They are acknowledged in court before TRM Richard & Katrina 5/13/95

Western Region Groups at this time 21 ( 3 Baronies, 13 Shires, 1 Incipient Shire, 3 Cantons )

A regional device and name were sought.

Gleann Abhann, Gaelic for “River Valley” was now given to the region.  With colors of red, black and white,

the rampant ram is named the major charge for the Device of Gleann Abhann.

Teague ap Cynan  Laurel 5/13/95

The Shire of Nomine announced as dissolved at their request in PC of 12/1995

Meridies Spring Crown List won by Stephen & Jacqueline Small Grey Bear  5/6/95

Loric Sylvestris  first to be knighted in Gleann Abhann 5/5/95

Ewige Vogel  recognized as Incipient Shire in July Popular Chivalry 7/95

Loch na Bas listed as Incipient Shire in July Popular Chivalry 7/95

Second Western Regional Heraldic Symposium with Tournament of Dreams II Lagerdamm 8/26/95

Meridian Fall Coronation of Stephen and Jacqueline Ardanroe & Troll Fen  9/9/95 They reign to 4/13/96

Meridies Fall Crown Grey Niche won by Bryce & Isabel 10/14/95 who reign 4/13/96 to 9/14/96.

Dragon’s March recognized as Incipient Shire 12/16/95

Grifphon’s Shadow elevated to Shire status at Saltare 1/27/96

First Regional A&S with Winter Wonders X Ardanroe  2/10/96

Dragon’s March first appears in March Popular Chivalry 3/96

Second Gleann Abhann Warlord Riviere de Sang drew a field of eleven won by Padruig dubh Cholgad “the Younger” and his consort Linnet MacLeod.  3/2/96

Gulf War V Seleone, Wyrmgeist & Dragoun’s Weal  3/16/96

The new regional banner was presented at Gulf Wars V.

Jacqueline de Lyons became new Regional Seneschal.

Brenna Lowri o Ruthin   Pelican  4/13/96

29 Local events are hosted in the region in 1995


AS 31  XXXI  MAY 96 – APRIL 97

Meridies Spring Crown List won by Gareth & Rhiannon Iron Ox & Grifphon’s Shadow 5/4/96

Aengus MacOwein  knighted 5/4/96

Meridian Fall Coronation of Gareth & Rhiannon Small Grey Bear & Ben Reic 9/14/96  They reign to 4/5/97

Leto Darkhorse  knighted 9/14/96

Padruig Dubhchlogad  knighted 9/14/96

Meridies Crown List 10/12/96 won by Padruig Dubhchlogad  & Linnet MacLeod who reign 4/5/97 to 9/13/97.

First Regional Fighter’s & Chirurgeon’s Collegium  Axemoor, Ewige Vogel & Loch na Bas 11/23/96

Second Western  Regional A&S with Christmas Revel Axemoor 12/7/96

At Axemoor Christmas Revel the Third Western Regional Warlord Tourney was won by Eric of Chester & Rhondalyn Kuykendall from a field of eighteen 12/7/96

Gleann Abhann Regional Business Meeting  Iron Ox 7/27/96

Gulf War VI was hosted by Ardanroe & Grey Niche. There was a good showing of Gleann Abhann fighting unit led by their Warlord 3/97

Arrow Wan officially removed from the rolls 1997

Second Gleann Abhann Fighter’s Collegium  Blackwood  4/14/97

The name Loch Ba’is (from Loch na Bas) is registered 1/97

First Feastocrat’s Symposium with St.Valentine’s Day Massacre  Seleone 2/15/97

23 Local events are hosted in the region in 1996


AS 32 XXXII  MAY 1997 – APRIL 1998

Meridies Spring Crown List won by Ailgheanan & Calleja in Seleone 5/3/97,  They reign 9/13/97 to 4/4/98. 

Evensong Forest recognized as Incipient Shire 5/3/97

The name Vogellburg  (prev. Ewige Vogel) registered 5/97

Fourth Gleann Abhann Warlord Tourney hosted by Shire of Troll Fen won by Robert Gethin Albrit and Celestine from a list of eleven. 5/17/97

Canton of Dragon Ridge dissolved 7/97

Dragon’s March dissolved  7/97

Badge: Fieldless, A ram Clymant argent registered by Laurel in 9/97

Gleann Abhann All-Thing with St Basil’s XIV Ardanroe 9/22/97

Third Gleann Abhann A&S Faire with Christmas Revel in Axemoor  10/6/97

Polling cards for a principality petition sent to region members 10/97

Laurel Herald registered the following:  Order of :  Combatant Rams, Diamond, Garnet Chalice, Lamb, Rams Heart, Silver Ram 10/97  Order of the Onyx Chalice 3/98

Fifth Gleann Abhann Warlord Tourney   Small Gray Bear 11/1/97  (6 fighters and 2 bye)

won by K’aus Eisenhand and Susanna Eisenrose.  First Gleann Abhann Yeoman Merwydd of Effington.  First Gleann Abhann Bard, Kenna von Ziemer.

Meridies Crown List 10/11/97 won by Robert Glendon of Auk & AElfgifu Haraldsdottir and reign 4/4/98 to 9/12/98

Pelican for Daphne of Colchester 10/11/97

Eilidh nin Choinnich took Office of Regional Deputy Seneschal/Law Clerk    1/98

The name Beinntheine (prev Ben Reic) registered 3/98

Loch Bais elevated to Shire 3/13/98

Seleone elevated to Barony status at Seleone Baroinal Investiture as Isolde die Graue & Finn Normanson become Baron and Baroness Seleone 1/24/98

Meridies Crowns, King Alleighanan,  Queen Calija and Gleann Abhann Region Seneschal Jacqueline de Lyons sign paperwork granting the populace of the region be polled to seek Principality status.   1/24/98

Groups at this time 21 ( 4 Baronies, 13 shires, 3 incipient shires, 1 incipient canton )

Gleann Abhann Seneschal is now Eilidh nin Choinnich 2/98

Gulf War VII  Seleone  3/98

Third Gleann Abhann Fighters and Chirurgeon’s Collegium  Wyrmgeist  4/11/98

John the Pursuwer knighted 4/4/98

The BOD approved the Gleann Abhann petition for Principality status 4/18/89.

Gleann Abhann Regional Heraldic Symposium with Beltaine  Grey Niche 4/25/98

26 Local events are hosted in the region in 1997


AS 33  XXXIII  MAY 1998 – APRIL 1999


Meridies Crown List 5/2/98 won by Gareth Le Bruin & Sabine de Rouen who reign 9/12/98 to 4/10/98

Sixth Gleann Abhann Warlord Tourney Loch Bais & Axemoor won by Ender of Enderwicke and Serene 5/16/98 and continue in that position into the new Principality.

Meridies Kingdom A&S  Lagerdamm  5/23/98

Royal University of Meridies RUM  Axemoor & Wyrmgeist  7/18/98

Francesca da Trani Laurel 7/18/98

Rashid ibn Hilal Knight    9/26/98

Kaus Eisenhand  knighted 9/26/98

Meridies Crown List 10/10/98 won by Richard de Chinon & Katrina who reign 4/10/99 to 9/11/99

Premier Gleann Abhann Coronet Tourney Grey Niche won by Eric of Chester & Rhondalyn Kuykendall who are Gleann Abhann’s first Tanist and Tanista  11/7/98

Axemoor celebrated their Twentieth Year at Christmas Revel   12/12/98

Gleann Abhann A&S IV Seleone 12/5/98

Eilidh nin Choinnich left  Regional Deputy Seneschal/Law Clerk    1/99

Grifphon’s Shadow and Rivieve de Sang merge to form Tor an Ri’ogh   1/1/99

The First Gleann Abhann Coronet Investiture of Eric of Chester and Rhondallyn, first Prince & Princess of Gleann Abhann is held in Troll Fen, the oldest Shire in Gleann Abhann, 2/6/99.  This first reign of Their Stellar Highnesses will continue until 8/7/99.

Eilidh nin Choinnich became Principality Seneschal 2/99 and serves to 2/01

William FitzHugh de Cambria knighted 2/6/99

Gleann Abhann Warlord and Gleann Abhann All Thing Small Gray Bear  2/27/99 saw Michael of the Mace  claim the title Warlord.  The Warlord carried a black and white banner with lettering of the names of all Gleann Abhann groups scribed around the banners edge.  Ulf Skalagrimmson also served for a time in the position of Warlord.

Gulf War VIII autocrated by John the Pursuwer 3/99

Francois duVent  Pelican 3/12/99

Rey RiBeaumont Knight  3/12/99

Gleann Abhann Fighters Collegium  Tor an Ri’ogh   4/17/99

Meridies Coronation of Richard de Chinon II & Katrina II 4/10/99 who reign to 9/11/99

Alysia Gabrielle de Fougeres  Laurel  4/10/99

26 Local events are hosted in the region in 1998


AS 34  XXXIV    MAY 1999 – APRIL 2000

Meridies Spring Crown won by Aengus McOwein & Meaghan Arsmith hosted by Ardanroe 5/1/99

Gleann Abhann Spring Coronet List  Small Gray Bear 5/15/99 won by K’aus & Susanna

Ragnar Kaupmadr  Knight 5/22/99

Gleann Summer Investiture of K’aus Eisenhand & Susannna Eisenrose in Grey Niche 8/7/99.  They reign to 2/5/00, it is the second reign.

Meridies Fall Coronation Aengus & Meaghan hosted by Axemoor & Wyrmgeist  9/11/99 and reign to 4/1/00

Eric of Chester  Knight  9/11/99

Brigit Olesdottir  Pelican   9/11/99

Michael of the Mace  Knight 9/25/99

Small Gray Bear Baronial Investiture of Vebrand of the Iron Hills and Angela O'Hara  at Diamond War

9/25/99 They reign until 5/4/02

Meridies Fall Crown List won by Gareth and Sabine hosted by Seleone 10/9/99.  They reign 4/1/00 to 9/9/00

William Read of Alnwick  Knight 10/9/99

Diana of the Isles  Pelican  10/9/99

Gleann Abhann Fall Coronet List 11/6/99 won by Eric of Chester & Christine O’Neill of Cork, Loch Bais

Gleann Abhann A&S  Small Gray Bear 12/4/99

Polus Partus officially dissolved 2/2000

Gleann Abhann Winter Investiture Eric II & Christine, Ardanroe & Wyrmgeist 2/5/00 and reign to 7/29/00, the third reign.

Gulf War IX 3/00

Cademon MacAhern  Knight  4/1/00

The Barony of Axemoor Invest Merwydd of Effington  & Eleri of Caerleon as new Baron & Baroness at St Bogdacious.  4/8/00  They remain in those posts today.

Finn Normansson   Laurel  4/8/00

Gleann Abhann Fighters Collegium Axemoor & Vogelburg  4/15/00

Twenty Fifth Year Celebration of Grey Niche  4/28/00

Rook’s Haven is recognized as Incipient Shire 9/23/00 (Had existed before and faded away.  This reestablishes the group many many years later.)

22 Local events are recorded in the Principality in 1999


AS 35  XXXV   MAY 2000 to APRIL 2001

The Gleann Abhann Warlord tourney format gave way to the appointed commander (under various titular names) method.  This provided a more consistent structure to the "army" across reigns. Both Michael of the Mace and Caillin MacLeod served in this capacity.

Meridies Crown List 5/6/00 won by Ailgheanan & Ilissa who reign 9/9/00 to 4/7/01

Gleann Abhann Coronet List in Seleone won by Michael of the Mace & Brenna of the Emerald Isles 5/20/00

Vogelburg elevated to Shire status 7/29/00

Gleann Abhann Summer Investiture of Michael of the Mace & Brenna of the Emerald Isles in Wyrmgeist 7/29/00. They will reign to 2/3/01. This is the fourth reign of the Principality.

Vebrand of the Iron Hills  Knight 7/29/00

Linnet MacLeod  Pelican 9/9/00

Duin nan Ailihne Dheirg recognized as Incipient Shire 9/30/00

Gleann Abhann A&S – College of Gleann Abhann with Marsh Madness Troll Fen 10/7/00

Meridies Fall Crown List won by Seth and Kathleen Axemoor  10/14/00

Loric Sylvestris   Pelican 10/14/00

Damiano Elie Bellini  Laurel  10/28/00

Gleann Abhann Fall Coronet List Iron Ox won by Stephen Wolf & Jacqueline de Lyons 11/4/00

Gleann Abhann Investiture of Their Stellar Graces Stephen and Jacqueline hosted by Loch Bais & Vogelburg  2/3/01  They will reign to 5/19/01 in the fifth reign.

Meaghan Arsmith of Ludlow Principality Seneschal 2/3/01

Gulf War X  3/01

Connor McEldridge  Knight  3/17/01

Meridies Spring Coronation of Seth and Kathleen in Dragoun’s Weal & Iron Ox, 4/7/01and reign to 9/8/01

Gleann Abhann Fighters Collegium  with Beltaine  Grey Niche

23 Local events are hosted in the region in 2000


AS 36 XXXVI  MAY 2001 – APRIL 2002

Meridies Crown List won by Radu and Brionnfinn 5/5/01

Gleann Abhann Spring Coronet List and Investiture Hammerhold & Rook’s Haven 5/19/01

To restructure the calendar changing Coronet List and Investiture times, Stephen and Jacqueline took a shorter reign and two events were held as one.  William FitzHugh de Cambria won the Title Tanist with Rainillt Ledering as Tanista. Investiture in evening court.  They reign to 11/3/01, which is the sixth reign.

Meridies Kingdom A&S  Small Gray Bear  5/26/01

Gleann Abhann Coronet List Vogelburg won by Connor McEldridge and Gabrielle von Strassburg 7/25/01

Meridies Fall Coronation of Tar Radu and Broinnfinn inghean u('i) Chath('a)in Wyrmgiest  9/8/01 and reign to 4/6/02

John the Purswer  Pelican  9/8/01

Meridies Crown List won by Artan & Hanna’ 10/13/01  They reign 4/6/02 to 9/14/02

Brigid Mhor inghen Mhuirchada   Pelican  10/27/01

Gleann Abhann Investiture 11/3/01 of Connor & Gabrielle, Wyrmgiest, reign to 5/18/02, the seventh reign.

Gleann Abhann A & S moved to Axemoor Christmas Revel 12/1/01 after being cancelled by Loch Bais when a tornado damaged the proposed site of the October event.

Thorvald Inguarsson  Laurel  12/1/01

Gleann Abhann Coronet List 1/26/02 Small Gray Bear & Beinntheinne, Rey RiBeaumont & Miriel du Bois

Caillin MacLeod  Knight  3/15/02

Seth of Newcastle  Knight  3/16/02

Targon Gal Knight   3/15/02

Meridies Coronation of Artan & Hanna’

Rayne Mayra O”Ciaragain  Pelican  4/6/02

Deborah of Arundel  Laurel  4/6/02

Gleann Abhann Fighters Collegium  Ardanroe  4/20/02

Gulf War XI  3/02

18 Local events are hosted in the Principality in 2001


AS 37 XXXVII  MAY 2002 – APRIL 2003

Meridies Spring Crown List, Axemoor, won for the fifth time by Gareth for Anneis  5/4/02

Gleann Abhann Spring Investiture of Rey & Miriel Seleone 5/18/02  They reign to 11/2/02, the eighth reign. Gleann Abhann Spring Investiture 5/18/02 also included the Baronial Investiture of Rashid ibn Hilal & Genevote Villeneuve de la Fleche as Baron and Baroness of Small Gray Bear.  They continue in those posts today.

Redewolf first appears in Popular Chivalry  6/02

Gleann Abhann Coronet List won by Caillin MacLeod & Danielle de la Roche Vogelburg  7/27/02

Beinntheinne elevated to Shire status  8/02

Nord du Lac first appears in Popular Chivalry 9/02

Meridies Fall Crown 10/12/02, Small Gray Bear with Evensong Forest won by Maximillian Racheengel & Lethrenn Bikissdottir who reign 4/5/03 to 9/13/03.

Gleann Abhann A&S  Iron Ox  10/5/02

Tar Radu  Knight  10/26/02

Gleann Abhann Investiture of Caillin & Danielle hosted by Wyrmgeist  11/2/02  They reign to 5/17/03.  This will be the ninth reign, during which an unofficial straw poll of the SCA members living in the Principality showed the majority favored a move to Kingdom status.

A Kingdom Advisory Committee was formed.

It is the Japanese Year of the Ram.

Gabrielle von Strassburg becomes Principality Seneschal 1/11/03

Gleann Abhann Coronet List, Lagerdamm, won by Uther von Ziemer and Kenna  1/25/03

Saltare  Grey Niche  2/15/03

Gulf War XII  3/10-16/03

Robert Gethin Albret  Knight  3/14/03

Meaghan Arsmith of Ludlow  Pelican  3/14/03

Gabriele von Strassburg  Pelican  3/14/03

Broinnfinn inghean ui Chathain  Pelican  3/14/03

Gleann Abhann Fighters Collegium, Heraldic Symposium, Chirurgeons Collegium Blackmoor Keep 4/12/03

Eagles Isle, a Canton of Axemoor, first appears in Popular Chivalry 3/03

Implemented by HRM Maximillian, the Meridian Army structure created the regional positions of tribune and 2 centurions in the east, central, and west "cohorts" of Meridies, Gleann Abhann being, the Western Cohort.  Sir Michael was the first tribune, with Sir Rashid as the Centurion for the North. Drogo of Axbridge followed as Tribune of the Gleann Abhann Army 12/03.
Of note also during this period was:
1) the creation of the Gleann Abhann Heavy Assault unit, known as the Valhalla Squadron
2) The formalization of traditions such as muster, march, and the attempt to provide Gleann Abhann tabards, lovingly know as "goat coats", to every interested member of the Gleann Abhann populace.
3) The organized attempt to construct and present banners, shields, and other equipment to enhance the appearance and "flavor" of the army experience for the participant and observer alike.

College of Gleann Abhann COGA with Beltaine, Grey Niche  4/26/03

23 Local events are hosted in the Principality in 2002


AS 38   XXXVIII  MAY 2003 – APRIL 2004

Meridies Spring Crown List 5/3/03 won by Gareth and Anneis, who reign 9/13/03 to 4/3/04.

Stephan of Durham  Pelican  12/6/03

Taya de Montgomery  Pelican  12/6/03

Anna Niukolaevna Petrakova  Laurel  7/19/03

A Gleann Abhann Western Regional Fighter Practice  Ardanroe 9/20/03

Gleann Abhann Spring Investiture of Uther and Kenna  Small Gray Bear  5/17/03 and reign to 11/1/03, the tenth reign.

Meridies Kingdom A&S  Seleone  5/24/03

The Kingdom Advisory Committee begins work in earnest to answer the matters of Kingdom status.

Gleann Abhann Coronet List won by Tar Radu and Broinnfinn inghean ui Chathain  Troll Fen 8/2/03

Gleann Abhann Fifth Anniversary Event  Tor an Riogh  8/9/03

Known World Seneschal and Exchequer Symposium  Seleone  9/20/03

Northover, name change from Nord du Lac, 9/2003

Gleann Abhann A&S Axemoor with Canton of Eagles Isle 10/4/03

Harvest Home and Huntsman’s Feast, the first event of Nord du Lac sponsored by Seleone 10/18/03

Gleann Abhann Winter Investiture of Radu and Broinnfinn Wyrmgeist  11/1/03 and reign to 5/15/04, the eleventh reign.

Disbanding of Evenwode (Evensong Forest) noted in Popular Chivalry 12/03

Gleann Abhann Coronet List hosted by Iron Ox won by Elesar of Northumbria and Marion Lioncyna de Susa,  1/24/2004

Eilidh nin Choinnich  Pelican  3/04

Crystyna Hyrundo  Pelican  3/04

Jennet of Tewkesbury  Laurel  3/04

Seleone Invests new Baron & Baroness Thaddeus Camberwell and Daphne of Colchester  3/19/04

Gulf War XIII  In a dramatic end to Great Court, Gareth VI and Anneis II grant Gleann Abhann permission to poll the populace members as to desire to gain Kingdom status.3/04

Their written words in the following days said,

      Greetings unto the populace of Meridies From Gareth & Anneis
      It is our pleasure to announce that in the coming months the residents of the Principality of Gleann Abhann will be polled regarding Kingdom status.  The purpose of this poll is to discern the will of the people and this will be instrumental in determining whether or not the Principality will petition for Kingdom status at this time. 
      We encourage all Meridians to remain civil and ask that we all remain tolerant of viewpoints that may be contrary to our own.  Whatever the outcome, the most important consideration is that we all remain friends.
     In Service,
    Gareth & Anneis


A post office box is readied for a Kingdom Poll.4/04

Meridies Coronation of Wenherus and Lailiane Tor an Riogh  4/3/04

Gleann Abhann Fighter’s Collegium  Dragoun’s Weal  4/17/04

As of 3/24/04, with GA-KAC working hard to submit the paperwork needed from which the Kingdom bid will be written, this is a breakdown, by kingdom, of the total number of current members, in order of size. This includes all levels of membership: International, Sustaining, Associate and Family.  
Middle - 5101                                   Atenveldt - 1586
An Tir - 3416                                     Aethelmearc - 1439
East - 3167                                        Outlands - 1567
Meridies - 2361                                West - 1555        
Atlantia - 2238                                  Calontir - 1271   
Caid - 1931                                        Trimaris - 1237
Ansteorra - 1829                                              Artemesia - 790
Drachenwald - 736    whose numbers include 639 members of SCA, Inc., and 97 members of the affiliated corporation covering Finland, Suomen Keskiaikaseura Ry (SKA). 
Ealdormere - 578
Lochac - 560   whose numbers include 537 members of the SCA-Australia and 23 members of the SCA, Inc.

22 Local events are hosted in the Principality in 2003


AS  39  XXXIX   MAY 2004 – APRIL 2005

Meridien Crown List. Wyrmgeist, won for the third time by Ailgheanan for Ashildr 5/1/04

Polling cards were mailed to nine hundred fifty six members  5/14/04 with 6/14/04 return deadline.

Gleann Abhann Investiture of Elesar of Northumbria and Marion Lioncyna de Susa,  Ardanroe and Talondale 5/15/04.  They will reign to 10/2/04, the twelfth reign.

Following rules set forth in Corpora and with much planning to avoid any possible mistakes a number of the members of GA-KAC gather in Starkville MS.  They unload the post office box and very carefully check and tabulate votes under the watchful and competent eyes of Sir Griffin O’Suaird and Baroness Stephenie of Nethyrwode who served as our Kingdom observers.  A call with the results was made to Their Majesties.

During court at Arabian Nights in Arenal, TRM Werherus and Lailiane announce positive results of the populace polling with percentages   7/3/04

The gathering of information to be included in the kingdom bid continues with fever pitch in hopes of presenting a bid to the BOD when they meet in nearby Dallas in October.

The Thirteenth Gleann Abhann Coronet List hosted by Dragouns Weal 7/31/04 won by William fitzHughe de Cambria, Greenshield called Camric, and Onora inghean mhic Chathain. TSH Elesar and Marion received the bid package in court, signed it along with Tanist William and Gabrielle von Strassburg then presented it to TRM Werherus and Lailiane for their study and signature. 

Pax Axe – SCA Summer Camp Barony of Axemoor  8/14/04

Gleann Abhann A&S Faire at Aphar Faire XII, Shire of Lagerdamm, 8/28/2004  Group winner Northover, Jennet of Rhodes Champion of the Arts.  Lady Onora receives the Coronet of the Tanista.


Meridies Grand Tourney held in Glaedenfeld at Golden Iris Faire 9/4/2004 

The Great Weapons Tourney - Sponsored by the Order of the Velvet Owl was won by Sir Angus Mac Owein. Lord Rian Mulligan won the Armatura - Sponsored by the Legion of the Bear. Open Weapons Style Tourney Sponsored by the Order of the Chalice was won by HSE William fitzHughe de Cambria. HRH Ailgheanan won the William Marshall / Coin Tourney - Sponsored by the Order of the Sable Sword.  Sir Rey RiBeaumont  placed second.  Grof Tar Radu won the Sabre Tourney - Sponsored by the Ladies of the Rose and was the overall Grand Tourney Winner.

Kingdom Advisory Committee, on Friday, September 10, 2004 sent our petition for elevation to kingdom status to Master Aaron Swiftrunner, Society Seneschal.  Upon receiving the petition, Master Aaron added it to the agenda for the Board meeting on October 23, 2004 in Dallas, Texas.  This history is part of that petition.


GA-KAC Kingdom Advisory Committee members:  Chair, Genevote Villeneuve de la Fleche, Erik of Telemark, Broinnfinn inghean u('i) Chath('a)in, Eilidh nin Choinnich, Drogo of Axebridge, Gabrielle von Strassburg, Stephan of Durham, John the Bearkiller and Loric Sylvestris.  Barbara Sterling joined to compile the history.


Meridies Coronation of Ailgheanan and Ashildr hosted by Rising Stone 9/11/04


Diamond Wars XX - The Gladiator, Barony of Small Gray Bear 9/25/04


Gleann Abhann Investiture of William II and Onora, IronOx 10/2/2004  The thirteenth reign.


Star Mangled Spanner : Peasants Revolt Hammerhold 9/18/04


Loch Bais Halloween Havoc, 10/16/04.


Equinox “Ode to the Long Hot Summer”– Seleone Rescheduled after Hurricane Ivan. 10/16/04


Tar Radu takes the position of deputy to Michael of the Mace, Principality Knights Marshal. 10/18/04


October 23, 2004     

The day had finally dawned.  At Chicot State Park, Louisiana, Vogelburg presented Slay the Dragon IX.  Just north of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Northover with Seleone, presented Harvest Home II.  But today, the eyes and ears of Meridies and Gleann Abhann were focused on an event in Ansteorra as the Barony of the Steppes hosted the Society Board of Directors Business Meeting.  Approximately 25 interested parties, some in Gleann Abhann shirts, attended.  As lapel pins, some board members wore the wonderful Gleann Abhann pilgrim’s badge crafted as tokens for Investiture, gifts of Gabrielle and Broinnfinn. With messengers ready to carry the news, item C, Gleann Abhann Kingdom Advancement petition was addressed.   At 10:20 a.m., a numinous vote was cast in favor of the advancement.


The minutes would read:  “Motion by Jason Williams to approve the petition of the Principality of Gleann Abhann to advance to Kingdom status, effective upon the successful completion of a Crown List and Coronation of the victors. Seconded by Gary Raine. In favor: Jeff Brown, Dena Cady, Gary Raine, Lis Schraer, Jason Williams.  Opposed: none.  Chairman Moore exercised her option to vote and did so in favor of the motion. Motion carried.”  And the news was shouted far and wide and throughout Gleann Abhann as bells rang, cheers resounded and toasts were made.


Master Aaron Swiftrunner, Society Seneschal, was quoted. “ I was very impressed with how many people came out for the Board meeting.  With all the unhappy things I have to do, seeing the tears and cheers and hugging among your folks when I finished my letter was the kind of thing that makes it all worthwhile.” 


During the afternoon session, Gleann Abhann Seneschal, Mistress Gabrielle presented Master Aaron with a Gleann Abhann shirt.   When others were envious, it was noted that Aaron wrote the final letter for our status change.  One very important sentence in that letter read, “I can conclude after my review and research that this Principality has more than met the requirements for advancement.”  That evening Their Excellencies Abd al-Mahdi Jamal ibn Hakim and Valeria Richila Navarro of the Steppes invited our contingency to join them for a period revel in the Whispering Oaks Room of the Crown Plaza Hotel, 7:30 to midnight, where a repast of vegetables, cheese, cookies, and punch was laid.

 Barbara Sterling, Historian


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