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 Meridies Spring Coronation April 2004

AS XXXVIII                                                    April 2 – 4, 2004 

All were welcomed to join the Shire of Tor an Riogh for the Celebration of the ascension of TRH Wernherus and Lailiane to the thrones of the Kingdom of Meridies.  For this special occasion Lord Sheamus Selvayn had cast fine tokens.   Each of the 100 guests partaking the sumptuous feast would receive one.  The silver metal circle was suspended from a woven black and white cord that could be tied to a belt or sleeve ribbon.  One side bore the names of Werhnerus and Lailiane and an underscored Initial M.  The obverse shows the crown and three stars of Meridies and the word Coronation.  The token was cast with a tab extending from the circle and that tab was bent over to provide a way to attach the token to a cord or chain. 

Danielle de la Rouche and her volunteers registered gentles as they arrived.  A printed handout included schedule, staff, feast and the title page recalled the day and reason and the Kingdom achievement.

Attendance:   From the Kingdom Exchequer, 216 adults (over 13) and 29 non-members.  Children were not counted but estimated at 20 children under age 13.  Baroness Jane Beaumont, the Autocrat listed 219 adults in attendance with several children. 

Okay, let’s be real.  We know Our King and Queen will not reign forever.  There are laws in all Kingdoms.  Heirs were found.  This event is blatantly named Coronation.  But aside from that,

It had been a busy time for the Crowns of Meridies and on several occasions it was obvious that our lovely young Queen was not well.  Now, how good it was to see her charming smile and twinkling eyes with color returned to her face at Gulf War XIII and since.   Gareth looked relaxed as well.  Obviously he was not thinking of what that Valkerie said at the War.  Remember ?  She came to whisk away Seleone’s Finn and Isolde.  Dressed in plate armor bodice of silver over a blue dress with a red cape that fell from her shoulders, white boots and wonderful white winged helm, quick of tongue she carried a sphere that particular day.

That Valkerie had made some comments to Gareth about things not looking too good for him, giving him a good three weeks.  Although that time had come, no winged helm was seen this day.  Yes, there was someone in the great hall that greatly favored the Valkerie, same facial features and blond hair, but perhaps concerns were unfounded.

After Saturday morning breakfast and many preparations, Court began with the entrance of TRM Gareth and Anneis and TRH Werherus and Lailiane.  As their Herald, Maximillian entered proclaiming his words in a voice most Scottish.  TSH Tar Radu and Broinnfinn and TSE Elesar and Marion followed, heralded by Master Stephan of Durham.

After a welcome Their Majesties Herald called for Mistress Theodolinda of Wenlock (Glaedenfeld), who had coordinated the many fine gifts to visiting Royalty at Gulf War XIII.  She was awarded the Sovereign’s Pleasure.

Awards of Arms went to Wilrichus Rudemann and  Bryennios Asen, so often observed serving Their Royal Highnesses who watched this dual presentation with obvious pleasure.

Although not present, Isabel the Mad was honored for her service with a Sovereign’s Pleasure.  The new Baron & Baroness of Seleone, Lord Thaddeus Camberwell and Mistress Daphne of Colchester accepted on her behalf.

Next was called Duchess Caroline of Mainwaring and Allan of Moffat, seen so often recently behind the thrones.  Always there for Their Majesties, escorting, assisting, so knowledgeable.  Acknowledging the great and varied service they have long given to the Kingdom, both were granted An Augmentation of Arms.

It was acknowledged that Lailaine and Werherus needed to depart on some matter of concern.  The gentle earth tones of their garments were so different from the black garments of Their Majesties.  True the Kingdom colors are Black and White and greatly present this weekend, but did this black foreshadow something more ?  Would leaving spare Them seeing what might come to pass, perhaps the possibility of spilled blood  ? 

The herald, Maximillian, who had ruled Meridies with his lovely Lethreen was like a Scottish Toastmaster at a Roast with many funny jabs and jokes.  At Their Majesty’s request he next called Sir Griffin O’Suaird who was acknowledged for hard work and great service as Earl Marshal.  At this time he turned that office over to Sir Artos Ancilis.

Mistress Stephanie of Nethyrwode was called to receive the Argent Lily, an award given only once per reign to one male and one female who exemplify courtliness (refinement and elegance).  Escorted by Sir Griffin O’Suaird, it was he who would be the male recipient.

What was that catchy tune we heard ?

As the Herald began, “there being no further……”  there was a voice  from the kitchen door.  She looked like a kitchen maid with apron and large stirring device but she also looked like the Valkerie.   No winged helm, no fleet boots, but when she knelt before Anneis and Gareth, no doubt remained.  Just when everything looked so good, she was here to escort Them. I did not hear the words, but perhaps she bid Them to take Their place in Valhalla,
where the brave may live forever. 

Gareth and Anneis looked to one another.  There was no escaping Their fate.  They removed the Royal Crowns for the last time of this reign and placed each on its appropriate throne.  As the Valkerie led them away, Knights of the Society drew near to protect the Crowns of Meridies.

After a brief time the second court began as the Herald called: 
All rise for The Heirs Apparent to the Thrones of Meridies, Wernherus and Lailiane.  And Wernherus Rudemann and Liliane Asenina entered eager to uphold their duties to Meridies.  Even the beautiful gold that heavily accented their garments did not conceal the fact they were nervous.  They were obviously shaken by the surprise loss of their parents and this imminent elevation.  When all had entered and were in their proper places the Herald called for the populace to be seated.  And so followed these words.

Wernherus:  I, Werherus, Prince of Meridies

Lailiane:  And I, Lailiane, Princess of Meridies

Wernherus:  Heirs to the Meridian throne claim these crowns and with it all the lands of Meridies.  Here, before the assembled populace of Meridies, we swear our solemn oath.   (They kneel before the thrones.)

Wernherus:  I, Wenherus

Lailiane:  And I, Lailiane do hereby swear to uphold the laws and customs of Meridies.

Wernherus:  To defend her, both land and people, from all enemies.

Lailiane:  And to guide this fair Kingdom.

Wernherus:  For a long as We shall draw breath.

Wernherus and Lailiane:  This We so swear.  (They stand.)

Wernherus:  By right of arms and by this oath, I claim this crown. (Wernherus puts crown upon his head.)  And with this crown comes weight, for which I share with my equal.  ( Wernherus gives Lailaine her crown.)

Lailiane:  By right of Our union and by this oath, I claim this crown.  (Lailiane places crown upon her head.)

Herald:  Long live King Wernherus and Queen Lailiane !

The hip, hip, cheer was shouted by the assembly.  And sitting upon the thrones of Meridies and wearing the lovely silver Arthurian Crowns, Wenherus and Lailiane called for Their fist court as King and Queen to be opened.  And it was made so.

First was called Countess Anneis le Bruin (Peregrine).  True praise was spoken for our former Queen as she was awarded her Duchy.  Duke Gareth le Bruin, who had escorted his lovely wife, took her hand and kissed her lips as cheers rose from the Populace for both the Duke and Duchess.

And I quote the words of Duchess Caroline of Mainwaring as she spoke of Anneis.  “She was a good and caring Queen who was kind to her people, her retinue, and her Heirs. She earned her strawberry leaves well.  If, in fact, Gareth does return form Valhalla to pursue the throne of Meridies somewhere down the line it is our good fortune, and his, that she will be by his side. Well done, Your Grace.”

Individual groups and then the populace pledged fealty.  And so ended this court.

Children’s activities were provided and a Bocce Ball tournament was ongoing A fundraiser lunch was presented by __________________with proceeds going to ______________.

Next on the schedule were marshal activities to choose Queen’s Champion in Heavy Weapons, Queen’s Rapier Champion and Queen’s Yeomen.  Kingdom Bard and Poet Laureate Competitions would be held at a later date. 

For the Queen's Champion Tourney –Heavy Weapons-- Double elimination, random weapon style –one must be quick of wit as well as weapon.  Before the tourney began, each participant was given a "wit" card.  Each participant first drew from a deck of weapon style cards in order to determine his/her fighting style or weapons for that round.  If the participant wanted a second draw from the deck (i.e., another weapon style), then he/she could use his/her "wit" card.  The wit card could be used only once.  If this option was chosen, the participant must submit to the panel of judges, with some notion of humor or intelligence (jokes, riddles, slight of hand, etc.).  The judges would decide if the participant was entitled to another draw, or must fight with a dagger. 

A printed invitation adorned with thin ribbons of black and white was presented to many of the ladies present.  It read:  Her Royal Majesty wishes the pleasure of your company at her Champion’s Tournament and requests your help in judging the contest on the field of combat.  Damsels of Astolet    An image of a heart and spear framed by the words “Virtute et Armis” and “Honor Vult” occupied each corner of the card. 

To witness the afternoon competitions, HRM Lailiane wore a lovely beige dress with long sleeves that showed hand smocking. Below a handsome neckline the center bodice panel was both smocked and beaded in a diamond patter.  The tunic of His Majesty was of the same beige fabric but trimmed in a different manner.  Twenty-seven fighters participated in the heavy weapons competition. A special token from the Queen to each participant was a small silver sword charm and a white bead marked with black design suspended from a slender silver and black braided cord.  The bead was a duplicate of ones in a necklace of HRM.  The Meridian King’s Champion, Viscount Caillin MacLeod was field marshal.  The wit judges were hard.   Most fighters who chose to play the wit card failed to pass the test and were made to compete with a dagger.   Duke Gareth le Bruin won the tourney.  Pick-up fights followed.

Tokens from HRM to the participants in Archery Competition were the same Roman style black and white bead with a silver bow and arrow charm suspended from a tightly braided dark cord.  Yeoman Champion went to Dafydd ap Y Kynith.

For Rapier there were eight fencers and two marshals, Baroness Raven and Baron Domianno. Special tokens from the Queen to participants were fabricated of black fabric embellished with white paint showing two crossed rapiers beneath the Crown and Three Stars of Meridies. It would be HSH Tar Radu who defeated all others and was named Queen’s Rapier Champion.

As is her custom, THLady Barbara Sterling brought a guessing game which read:  The almond tree is a member of the rose family which also includes apple & pear, peach & plum, rose, strawberry & cherry.  The beauty of the almond’s lovely flowers rivals the beauty of our elegant Royal Ladies.  Following the blossoms, the tree bears delicious almonds, a goodly number featured in a corked clear Spanish olive oil bottle. In another game gentles were asked to list some information on an index card. (Home group, SCA name, Legal name, email address.)  A small start but these almost fifty cards are the beginning of a census of sorts.  This is for assistance to the Historian in writing reports in the spelling of the names and group affiliation. 

The Ladies of the Bow and Blade, a service group of Axemoor, distributed souvenir fans so that our ladies might cool themselves.  Constructed of black and white scalloped paper laced with white ribbon, the blade was attached to a flat wood handle.  It bore the Unical M in white on black and the names and date in black on white paper.

None came to participate in Youth Combat.  Meetings were called at different times during the afternoon for Knights, Laurels, and Pelicans.

Evening court was held on the field.  Torches cast limited illumination on the area as the sun had already set.  The herald bid us rise.   The entourage of Their Majesties threw pearl necklaces and tiny clear plastic bags tied with a black ribbon that held M&M’s of Meridian colors: black and white.

Wenherus issued greetings and his appreciation to those attending.  The children were welcomed and treated to small gifts.

Baroness Anna Kniki took Lord Luther von Ziemer as an apprentice by girding him with a green belt.

THLady Barbara Sterling announced Enfendi Sa’ad as winner of the guessing game   His guess of 360 was just one short of the actual count of 361 won the almonds   Solid chocolate animals purchased for YC prizes were donated for the game by Aeduin Hacke and were awarded to close numbers of Aeduin Hacke, Aldermoureis Ventzke “Alda” and Katerina Dmitreva. 

Sophia Orsini who is from Northover, which is still an Incipient shire but no longer called Nor du Lac, was gifted a large bag of candies when her historian’s card was drawn. 

And was called a young lad who is a good worker.  And so it was thought to be well deserved that Jared of Dragouns Weal, squire to Sir Aengus was awarded the Rising Swan (formally Ascending Swan). 

For her work in the Arts and Sciences, the very talented and vivacious Margo Dubois (Tor An Riogh) was called to receive the Meridian Cross.
Baroness Raven Blacklocke was awarded the Argent Rapier for her work with the rapier community. 

After Court preparations were made to partake feast.  When we entered to set our places for feasting, all tables were covered with lustrous white fabric.  Lady Isabetta Maria de Calabria provided spectacular decorations for feast then added more for the ball.   High table also covered in white fabric was overlaid with black runners that hung down the front of the table and denoted each person’s place.  The end of each runner featured a large argent mullet, the heraldic term for white star.  White candles of different sizes cast light from a brilliant array of metal and clear glass holders.

By excellent placement of tables the hall was given a spacious feeling.   All manner of candles, dishes and utensils were laid for those who sat below the salt.  There were wonderful oratories by Lord Drogo of Axebridge as he announced the removes.  Toasts were made to those who rule Meridies and Gleann Abhann.  Songs by Principality Bard, Landgrafin Kenna nic Aherne von Ziemer and Lady Alina nic an Bhaird were greatly enjoyed.

Special printed menus for the feast with a Roman motif were placed on each table and acknowledged: “Influenced by the diversity that had once been the Roman Empire, and supported by the trade routes established during the ancient Roman period, medieval Constantinople, the capitol of the Byzantine Empire, was a melting pot of cultures and peoples.  There one could find goods and foods from all over the east and the west.  This feast celebrates that diversity, and is built on seasonal foods that would have been found there during the Middle Ages.”

Remove 1  Spring Vegetable Broth (chicken stock, peas, carrots, parsley, green onions)  Fabulous Onion Tart,  Tuna Stuffed eggs,  Green Salad with vinaigrette and Bread
Remove 2  Luther von Zeimer's famous homemade sausage, a wonderful Lentil salad,  Buttered carrots and Sautéed Cabbage with salt pork
Remove 3  Chicken Kebobs,  Grilled Pitas,  Artichoke Salad, Yogurt Sauce,  Olives and Cheese
Remove 4  Beef and Vegetable Stew,  Baked Macaroni, Buttered Asparagus,  Fresh Strawberries       Ingredient list follows at the end of this report.

It smelled good, it looked good, it tasted great.  Lady Peyton and her crew received the King’s praise and a round of applause.

Time for the ball arrived and the hall looked spectacular.   All Baronies and Shires had been requested to bring their group’s large banners to decorate the hall.  For the White Rose Ball the banner of Blackmoor Keep hid the kitchen pass through window. It was also a backdrop to the table that held a silver punch bowl with a fleur de leys pattern.  A container of ice, white napkins and cups, shared that table with white tapers in various silver candlesticks and small fluted columns toped by ivy greenery.  Banners constructed for 25th Anniversary from several groups hung over alternating black and white wall hangings.  They were interspersed with long black banners bearing rows of the Royal White Rose.  The banners of the King and Queen were prominently displayed above the dessert table. 

Black table coverings, silver trays and bowls were displayed along with identical clear glass bottle vases with a triangular base that each held one large perfect rose.  Each was flanked by candleholders made of footed fish bowls holding one white candle and white rose peddles floating in water.  The centerpiece was the top of a three tier serving plate and featured greenery, white tipped sprays of berries and peacock feathers.  Wonderful silver bowls bearing two stag heads held various goodies:  fresh red strawberries, sable chocolate kisses, nuts and black & white M&M’s.    Small scribed notes named the contents of each large silver tray.  Cream Puffs, Mexican Wedding Cookies, Cheesecakes, Belgium Pastries, Orange Balls, Lemon Curd Tartlets, Dates, Golden Raisins and dried Apricots, Cheese Straws and Honey Spice Lebkuchen were all wonderful.   Oh, and there was also Godiva Chocolate.

Candlelight was cast from four white candles on each of the grapevine and greenery wreaths, which hung overhead.   As musicians played THL Brandor Wyborne read from a special Roman scroll and introduced each couple, each Lady of the Rose and Diamond present.   They entered the hall through an archway bearing black fabric, garlands of greenery, tiny white fabric roses and hanging candle lanterns.   The first to enter thusly were Her Royal Majesty Lailiane escorted by His Royal Majesty Wenherus.    For Her first ball as Queen, Lailiane was a vision.  The bodice of her dress was of a regally patterned beige fabric with tie on sleeves lined with a burgundy satin, which accented the burgundy of the velvet skirt.  A bit of ruffle from Her white chemise outlined her lovely neckline.  A few trailing curls of Her rich dark hair framed Her beautiful face.  Her smile was infectious.  Her dark eyes sparkled.   Although His Majesty looked very nice in brown tunic, white pants and dark leather boots, it is most often His great mane of prematurely gray hair that receives the most attention.

So now was the court presented to Her Majesty.  First was Gleann Abhann’s Prince and Princess,  HSH  Radu (Moose) who escorted HSH Briofinnon (Squirrel).   The Tanist and Tanista of Gleann Abhann made their entrance, HSE Marion on the arm of HSE Elesar.  Count Maximallian escorted Countess Lethrenn.  Duchess Anneis le Bruin was escorted by Duke Gareth le Bruin.   Mistress Meaghan Arsmith was escorted by Count Seth.  Earl Padruig escorted Countess Linnet McCloud.  Countess Rianniah of the Isles was escorted by Syr Loric Sylvestris.  Duchess Caroline of Mainwaring was escorted by Master Allan of Moffat.  Each lady carried a white rose to present to the Queen so a bouquet was formed.  The black and white diamond patterned fabric bag presented to each of the ladies of the presentation court held a drinking glass.  Lady Marie Eriksdottir, Kingdom dance mistress called for the musicians to play the first dance, the Royal Hole in the Wall which was then repeated allowing all the revelers to take part.   Other dances followed.

Presentation Court followed as gentles and households gifted various items to Their Majesties.  Viscountess Christine O’Neill of Cork recorded each gift. 

It had been a wonderful day but as night extended into morning a great theft was perpetrated.  Even Baroness Jane Beaumont who had autocrated this fine event, had no power to prevent the loss   And despite the knowledge that we would be robbed, having been forewarned of exactly what would be taken, all gentles still lost an hour during the night and none would be able to have it returned.

Gentles of Blackmoor Keep that journeyed to this memorable event were: 
Fr. Gilbert des Moulins, Lady Marcilla le Despencer, Lord Jean Louis, Enfendi Sa’ad ibn Yusuf al Hilal, and THL Barbara Sterling who states these notes are to the best of her knowledge and understanding,  

Additions and/or corrections are always welcome.

 April 2 – 4, 2004 

Fees and rules as follows:

Before March 22, 2004                                         At the door

Weekend with feast       $20 Adult                        $22 Adult
                                     $14 Child 12-7              $16 Child 12-7

Tent with feast                $15 Adult                       $16 Adult
                                        $10 Child 12-7               $11 Child 12-7

Daytrip with feast         $12 Adult                           $13 Adult
                                       $ 6 Child                          $ 7 Child

Child 6 and under free if they do not use a bed
Adult Non-member add $3   
Adult off board deduct $5     Child off board deduct $3
No family shall pay over 3 adult site fees if all have membership.
Checks made payable to:  SCA Inc., Shire of Tor an Riogh
Woodman of the World Camp, Hattiesburg MS  80 beds, lots of tenting.
Discreetly wet. PLEASE take empties home. 
NO pets allowed.
Site opens 5pm Friday and closes 10am Sunday
Merchants welcome, see autocrat.
Autocrat:  Baroness Jane Beaumont,
(Jane Malley)    malley@netdoor.com
Reservations: Viscountess Danielle De La Rouche,
(April Edwards)   aedwards@atheletics.msstate.edu
Feastocrat:  Lady Peyton of Iron Ox  
(Peyton Collins)   peytonfrances@hotmail.com

Direction to the site as follows: Take your best route to I-59, just north of Hattiesburg, MS.  Take exit 73, Monroe Rd.  SCA signs are posted.  Turn east (right) and go 2.3 miles.  Camp is on the right, just past the bridge. 

THLady Barbara Sterling,

Report completed: May 30, 2004  as xxxix

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