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 Meridies Crown List May 2004

Meridian Spring Crown List

May One, The Day of the Society,

Begins now the year XXXIX

Being Gregorian 2004

 I suppose it was an Anniversary and I should have said Happy Anniversary.  But this historian thought of that backyard party 39 years ago as the birth of something.  I say Happy Birthday Society.  Let’s eat cake, which we did at the Red Rose Ball, but that is getting ahead in our story.

So, once upon a time in Meridies, TRM Werherus and Lailiane had been crowned, but not yet blessed with heirs.  This would change on this day of Anniversary, this day of the May Tourney. 

Lady Barbara arrived from Blackmoor Keep with her customary guessing game.  Let us get that out of the way now.   It read:

 May 1, 2004   AS xxxix

The Shire of Wyrmgiest Presents Crown List

And many traveled from across Meridies to give witness as TRM Werherus and Lailiane find heirs

and to celebrate the 39th Birthday of  the SCA.

 And as is her custom THL Barbara Sterling bids you play a guessing game.

The Pomegranate is an ancient fruit of western Asia - spoken of in classic mythology - its image was carved on the pillars of Solomon’s Temple.  Called a many-seeded apple, tough skin covers crimson pulp bursting with flavor. How many anachronistic “flavor bursts” in this Pomegranate bottle ?

Closest without going over, wins chocolate.   No fee, just for fun. One guess per person.

 Please Print Plainly.  Winner  announced during evening court.  You should be present to win.

The unusual shaped glass pomegranate juice bottle held pomegranate colored cereal. ( 358 – 655 )

The site:  Woodman of the World Camp just outside Hattiesburg, Mississippi

The hosting group:  Shire of Wyrmgiest (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

We found the hall covered with black and white tapestries (sheets) as we checked in with Troll and received cabin assignments.  The event token was a single link of chain mail suspended from black ribbon or cord.  Traveler’s fare was spaghetti and meatballs.   The painting of scrolls was a popular activity during the evening and the day to follow.  Attendance was 187.

Saturday breakfast was ham steaks, scrambled eggs, toast, orange juice, coffee.

 Pavilions circled the field, banners flew, and armor inspection began. 

Marshal in charge was Sir Artos Ancilus

List Mistress was Lady Janessia

Field Herald was Sir Cairbre mac Siomaigh

Shield tree goddess was Lady Finna Halfdansdottir

These were the entrants:

Jarl Ailgheanan mac Sithigh fighting for Lady Ashildr Ulfsdottir

Lady Ashildr Ulfsdottir fighting for Jarl Ailgheanan mac Sithigh

Earl Padruig dubh Chlogad fighting for Countess Linnet MacLeod

Count Seth of Newcastle fighting for Baroness Lyzianor Galiena

Viscount Rey Ri Beaumont fighting for Viscountess Miriel du Bois

THL Borgar the Bright, Baron of South Downs fighting for THL Lourine of House Black Star

Sir Griffin O Suaird fighting for Mistress Stephanie of Nethyrwode

Sir Robert Gethin Albrit fighting for THL Celestine Albrit

Baron Christoph of Willaston fighting for Baroness Morgina d’Anjou

THL Brandr Wyborn fighting for Lady Camilla di Fonte de Ferrara

THL Johann Brotamoar fighting for THL Elizabeth Rae

Baron Thomas Blackmoore fighting for Lady Elisenda de Luna

Lord Ulrich von Brandenburg fighting for Lady Katerina von       Brandenburg

Lord Richard na Teanga Mhin fighting for Lady Felicia Heather of Newcastle

By-fighters were Lord Dorgo of Axebridge, Ianncia and Lord Oinogus MacCennead.

 Beginning with the couple with the greatest precedence, each pair was heralded and processed to the Royal Pavilion.  Some couples carried gifts, some were attended by entourage, some accompanied by their young children. Many banners of the participants were displayed, but only one couple carried fine banner poles with no visible banners flying.    And THL Brandr spoke thusly, “Friends, note these fine banners made from sheerest silk from Damascus, so skillfully woven by the famed weavers of Ferrara that only those worthy of their office may see them.  Pray pardon me, Your Majesty, for my new garb from this fabric was not finished in time.”   (Interpret this as banners were forgotten at home.)

Sword oath by all participants was followed by an oath of fealty, and remarks from the King. 

And so the Tourney began and progressed through kills, cheers, many double kills, chivalry, armor failure and repair until three fighters remained.  Rey Ri Beaumont defeated Padruig dubh Chlogad to advance to the final round with Ailgheanan mac Sithigh.  As Viscountess Miriel du Bois and Lady Ashildr joined Her Majesty Lailiane and Her Stellar Excellency Marion, the Knights attended on the field as witnesses.  There was anticipation in the air.  The third round went to Ailgheanan who was presented a ring to wear during his reign.  This ring is the oldest Meridian regalia.  And for the new Royal couple three cheers were raised.  The approximate time was noon.

And Ailgheanan spoke of thrice winning a Crown List.  First fighting for his friend Callija, next fighting for his friend Ilissa the Nightwatcher.  But this list was fought for his love, Ashildr.  And many hugs and kisses and congratulations were given and received. 

Five dollars bought a fundraiser bag lunch that featured ham & cheese sub sandwiches, chips, canned cold drink, Hershey’s chocolate kisses and a ticket for a prize.   Profits would go for TRM’s Pensic War Fund.

Pick-up fights took place for some time, but with thunder heard and the sky darkening, many of the pavilions were dismantled and some gentles departed the site.  A special Rose Lunch was served to the Ladies of the Rose and the Ladies of the Diamond.  Lady Isabetta Maria de Calabria set a lovely black and white table with white candles and individual, raffia trimmed glass bottles that held beautiful small red roses for each lady to take as a souvenir.  A portion of the menu included stuffed tomatoes, fancy sandwiches and desert with whipped cream and other tempting dishes.  At this same time a Royal Lunch was served to the gentlemen.

 At two o’clock it began to rain and did continue intermittently during the rest of the afternoon.  The large porch was well used during this time.  If you were lucky, you may have had a chance to taste Lady Gwenhwyvar's Placenta,** the period Roman cheesecake. Gwenhwyvar is an early period cooking apprentice and made it for the Velvet Owl meeting, but shared the remainder during the downpour.  Members of the Order of the Velvet Owl have received this Meridian Award in acknowledgement of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences.

** Yes, the cheese cake in known as placenta, which did not come to be related with human physiology until the 1800's. It was quite common as a desert or finishing course for the Pranduim, lunch, through the 5th century. The recipe is from Cato writings known as Re Rustica. Placenta was not only a delight for humans but was many times used as a sacrificial cake at the alters of the ancient Roman and Greek Gods.

 Court began about 6 pm.  With Maximillian as Herald, TRM Werherus and Lailiane with entourage entered followed by TSE Elesar and Marion and their retinue.  Remembering the Herald from Coronation, his speech this day, precise and without accent seemed unusual.  This did not last long.   It would be the culture of the East Kingdom on which our Herald would expound.  “Botta bing, botta boom, Youse guys ! “    As the far western lands of Meridies were not familiar with the spiel, we found it amusing although perhaps embarrassing in one instance to our Queen Lailiane.

The winner of the list, Ailgheanan and his lovely Ashildr were called into court.  As Ailgheanan knelt Werherus placed the crown of the Prince of Meridies on his head.  Next Ailgheanan placed the crown of the Princess on the head of Ashildr.   And joyful was the atmosphere with smiles and cheers.

Invested at Beltaine, the new Baron of Grey Niche, Geoffrey deBradelei, known as Dulinn was introduced to the populace and invited to swear fealty with the three pair of Royals taking part.  The members of the populace were then invited to swear fealty.

It was the children of Meridies who were next called forward.  The herald called them munchkins.  Our young members were offered several fun treats: Frisbee balls, Frisbees, animal figures and long, very long play snakes.

It was now time to learn the winner of the Guessing Game when THLady Barbara Sterling was called.  Not having the guesses of TRH or TSE, this was soon corrected.  Still no name was found adjacent to the correct number, 576.  But THL Gareth Gwynedd was closest without going over with 575.  The Pomegranate bottle filled with orbs of dark chocolate wrapped with purple foil was accepted and in turn gifted to HRM Lailaine.  Following Gareth’s gallantry smaller containers of various chocolates were presented to the other royal ladies by winners (572) Richard na Teanga Mhin and (571) Kevin Eriol.  From behind the thrones as Queen’s Champion, Duke Gareth le Bruin commended all three men.

Now was AElven Roye called before Their Majesties and words of the many events where AElven did much kitchen work and other various acts of service.  For this an Award of Arms with circlet and scroll was presented.  Next was called AElven’s dear wife Christianna Roye.  She approached the thrones with a lovely smile and delightfully bare feet.  She too spends much time being of assistance in the kitchen wrapping green beans with bacon and such.  And so, an Award of Arms, circlet and scroll were presented to her as well.

Mistress Gwen ni hAilleacain, Kingdom Seneschal was given the opportunity to make an announcement.  The date of Kingdom A & S in 2005 will be moved from Memorial Day to the first week-end of June.   A change was also made to the date of Panhandle Skirmishes.   And thus, Court ended and preparations for feast were made.

Feast was delicious. It began with wonderful smelling breads, butters and a magnificent mushroom torta.  Saffron Chicken baked in bread was served with honey mint carrots. Lasagne Ouchi di Ferrara with Baroque Ragu (golden raisins, pine nuts, beef, cheese and noodles).  Spinach stuffed in pork loin with wild rice and noodle pilaf.  Our Tanista, Marion entertained at the bequest of the Tanist singing two lovely songs.    After feast the hall was cleared for dancing.  The ball included introductions of our Royal Ladies and dancing.  A table decorated with candles and flowers was laden with cake, pastries, nuts and punch.

 Rain ended overnight in time to drive home under clear skies.

Attending from Blackmoor Keep were Tommaso and THLady Barbara Sterling, who submits this report as being to the best of her knowledge and memory.

THLady Barbara Sterling,

Meridian Spring Crown List 2004

The Flyer

The Shire of Wyrmgeist presents:

Meridian Spring Crown List

April 30 – May 2, 2004

Woodsman of the World Camp

Hattiesburg, MS

Be it known unto the populace of this, our fair Kingdom, the King and Queen are in need of heirs. Join our Royals and their entourage in witness to chivalric combat of the highest order; combatants worthy of the Crown. All are invited to display their finest on the tournament field, bedeck the lands with banners, pennants and pavilions.

 Cabin space: 80 Gentles    Tenting: unlimited    Feast: 100 Gentles

Site is discreetly dry.  Site opens at 5:00pm Friday and Closes Sunday at 11:00am

 Directions: Take your best route to I-59, Northeast of Hattiesburg. Take Exit 73 (Monroe Road). Turn East and travel 2.3 miles. Site is on the right, directly after the bridge

 Site Fees:                     Cabin      Tenting         Daytrip

Before 4/1/04              16.00             14.00           10.00

After 4/1/04                 18.00            16.00           12.00

Off Board deduct $7.00       Non-members add 3.00

Children 6-12 are half price. 5 and under free without bed.

Make check payable to SCA, inc. dba Shire of Wyrmgeist


Autocrat:        Ryan Mulligan

                              mka Ryan Barber



Reservations: Eilina Gudriksdottir

                               mka Bambi Pizzolato

                              4949 Stumberg Lane Apt 56

                              Baton Rouge, LA 70816


Feastocrat: Constanza Raffiella della Oriente’

                                       Mka Connie Pruett-Pettus


Please contact with dietary restrictions.

Report completed: June 1, 2004  as xxxix  

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