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Forest Maiden May 1, 2010

Forest Maiden VI was hosted by the Shire of Blackmoor Keep.   A team effort was in force as the weather powers of Her Majesty Beatrix and HE Mistress Morgana kept the encircling bad weather at bay.   116 attended this 13th event containing the name “Forest” in the 21 year history of the shire.  Recalling the wording of the first Berkeley flyer, “And claim for your lady the title Fairest,” all were invited and Blackmoor’s recent lineage made known. 

Unto all gentlemen and gentlewomen of whatever degree who hold themselves skilled in the usage of arms, are good greetings sent:  Know then by these presents here proclaimed that on the first day of May 2010 being the first day of the New Year AS XLV there shall be on the field of honor a tournament of the Forest Maiden.  The winner shall be entitled to claim the title Blackmoor Keep Champion -- Forest Maiden VI.  Should the winner stand with his consort, he may place upon her head a flower garland and name her the forth to hold the title, Forest Maiden.  Should the winner stand with her standard bearer, she may claim for him the title Standard Bearer of Blackmoor Keep and the flower garland will be hers.  ‘Tis double elimination, list tree shields, rotating weapons styles.
The list of Blackmoor Keep Champions reads thusly
Lord Sa'ad ibn Yusef al Hilal     Forest Maiden’s Favour (2005)
Lord Ashikaga Hiromoto   Forest Maiden’s Favour II (2006)
THL Sa'ad ibn Yusef al Hilal for Baroness Barbara Sterling, Forest Maiden III (2007)
THL Ashikaga Hiromoto for Lady Ashikaga Kimiko, Forest Maiden IV (2008) earning Ashi entry into the First Tournament of Champions.
Sir Rian Mulligan for Mistress Marion Leoncina da Susa, Forest Maiden V (2009) earning Rian entry in the Group Champion’s preliminary list for Tournament of Champions II. 

Morning activities included beginning rapier by THL Aethan Dunmire, a detailed hand sewing class by Lady Olrun Elidasdottir, recalling chess moves by James le Brer, combat archery challenge with Sur Sa’ad, an SCA garage sale, children’s activities and A&S projects.  We picnicked with sandwiches from our friends of Vogelburg and enjoyed the surroundings of Campfire’s Wi-Ta-Wentin.  Baroness Bethany Bacon as Minder of the List charted twenty fighters each of whom acknowledged a consort.  With instructions to the fighters Sur Sa’ad reminded,” it is all about the ladies” and the list began.  Often that afternoon a lady was acknowledged by her Champion or his opponent.  When it came down to the finals, THL Mikail al Rashid, honoring Lady Adalayde de Sardiagne, faced Sir Ashikaga Hiromoto.  Following the last blow HRM Beatrix placed a garland of freshly cut garden roses upon the sword of Sir Ashi.  Pledging that sword truly his Queen’s, he once again crowned his lady, Baroness Ashikaga Kimiko as Forest Maiden. This year’s brass medallion was of the Greenman and presented to Kimiko by Baroness Barbara Sterling.  A wonderful consolation prize, a section of rail donated by Janos went to the first fighter out of the list.  Miles de Warewyk was happy to receive it, foreseeing much useful hammering.  We gave Gaston, our brand new Herald a hard time for his pronunciation of Gleann Abhann but salute his efforts.

Court was held on the field with Magnus (Blackwood) as Herald.  James en les Breres (Ardanroe) was acknowledged for his A&S entry, the Forest Maiden garland.  Geoffrey of Blackmoor Keep received a Silver Ram for the art of building armor and an AoA.  With a large number celebrating birthdays those assembled sang to Megan and Marcilla le Despencer.  From the Queen there was a token for Megan and for Marcilla (Loch Bais) wearing the brilliant green veil she reserves just for this event, a Grant of Arms. Anne Cochrane (Troll Fen), whose lovely illuminated scroll featuring a Forest Maiden had just been gifted to Marcilla, was awarded Arms.  Scrolls recognized Ashi and Kimiko as Champion and Forest Maiden.  Her Majesty acknowledged Finn O’Conner for his service in the lands of endless beach but no water. THL Motan the Mongal was introduced as Her Majesties’ Champion and Barbara was asked to tell some of the history of the honor and the accolade of the Wreath of Chivalry.  Motan’s scroll at Coronation named him the recipient of the Wreath of Chivalry but no such wreath was presented.  To remedy the situation an appropriate wreath was produced and Her Majesty placed it upon her kneeling champion.   The Mongal’s dark eyes danced.  Combatant Ram members were then called.  Michael atte Harpe, Carson Wyne, Gilbert des Moulins, Dafydd ap y Kynith, Sa’ad, John Widcombe, Jean Louis, Aethan, Grimbaldus, Alrekr inn svarti, Motan, Mikail and Nigel de Rothewelle’ stood to witness as fighter and teacher Janos Hideg (Blackmoor Keep) become the order’s newest member.  In addition, he became Lord Janos receiving an Award of Arms.  The event token featured a small oak leaf pierce-cut within a roundel, suspended as a belt token. Four tokens featured a different wood grain pattern and a hidden mark.  From four beads of clay, Her Majesty chose one from an outstretched hand.  The corresponding mark revealed the winner of M&M’s was Aethan.  Three guessing games were offered and Barbara gifted prizes to each winner: chocolate sticks, wasabi peanuts and a gold coin. 

Entering the hall one could not help but notice a rather large plush stork.  It appeared the Gleann Abhann stork was blown off course on its way to Lagerdamm. In addition to a red and black bundle, it carried a list of names for proposed heirs, names that reflected those thirteen couples who will compete in the eleventh Crown List, midmonth.  Baron Nigel handled reservations / troll with Sur Sa’ad as autocrat. Lady Bridie O’Sullivan handled Children’s Activities.  The well-received feast was led by Lord Broddi with Lord Mateo, the shire’s exiting Seneschal and the assistance of others for which we were all grateful.  

Baroness Barbara Sterling


Champions and Consorts in today’s list.

Baron Grimbaldus Bacon and Baroness Bethany Bacon, Listmistress

Geoffrey of Blackmoor Keep and Claudia

Mattheus atte Forge and Rebekah MacGillivray

Mika’il al Rashid and Lady Adalyde de Sardaigne

Dafydd ap y Kynith and Baroness Tegan verch Dwgyn

Alrek Sverti and Anne Cochrane

Michael ate Harp and Asa the Chaotic

Reinhardt Stahlhelm and Deborah of Longville

Janos Hideg and Baroness Barbara Sterling

Carson Wyne and Lady Marcilla

Sir Ashikaga Hiromoto and Baroness Kimiko

Ian and Brittney

Miles de Warewyk and Serena

The Queen’s Champion THLord Motan the Mongal and Aysun onun Hilal

Cormac O’Manachain and Jade

THLord John Widcombe and Baroness Ancyra

THLord Jean Louis and Tracie

Thomas Couste and Baroness Morgana OP

PaPasan   “Pops” and Lady Tasha

Bai Jain Mu “Bai” and Arora 

Site address:  2185 Campfire Road, Lake Charles LA. 70611

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History of Gleann Abhann

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