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 Gleann Abhann Cornet List July 2004

It Happened at Coronet

     The thirteenth Gleann Abhann Coronet List was held at the site of thirteen Gulf Wars, King’s Arrow Ranch, Lumberton, MS. The Shire of Dragoun’s Weal under direction of Mistress Meaghan Arsmith and THL Magdelena de Segovia hosted the event as TSH Elesar & Marion sought heirs. The date was July 31, 2004, being the year of the Society, XXXIX. Lord Robert von FluBwasser handled reservations.

     Foods were consumed, important meetings attended, friendships made and renewed but the event was the list.  To the delight of any list mistress, fourteen was the number of champions and consorts whose letters of intent were received in a timely manner.  On this day two combatants would be without a consort present, two would leave the field in agony, one would present his consort gifts as he began each fight, but only one would prove victorious.  With weather threatening from various directions, they processed as follows.

Earl Padruig Dubhchlogad and Countess Linnet MacLeod

BannIarla Broinnfinn inghean ui Chathain fighting for Grof Tar Radu

Viscount William FitzHugh de Cambria & THL Onora ighean mhic Chathain

Visount Caillin Mac Leod and Viscountess Danielle de la Roche

Viscount Uther von Ziemer and Lady Marie Ellisef Eriksdottir

Syr Loric Silvestris and Mistress Diana of the Isles

Sir Jean Claude Dominique Jeanin and Lady Catherine Somerton

Sir Robert Gethin Albrit and THL Celestine Albrit

THL Edward of Lyonsmoor and Mistress Eilidh nin Choinnich

THL Malcolm MacAdaim and Lady Eyja Gudriksdottir

Lord Rian Mulligan and Cecilia Mulligan

Lord Drogo of Axebridge and Mistress Crystyna Hyrundo

Lord Grimbaldus Bacon and Lady Bethany Bacon

Lord Wilhelm von Drachenmoor and Lady Nonie Wlfraven

Lord Olaf Lutherson and Lady Melisant of Exmoor

Lord Maydi Dagan ibn Yusuf ibn Hilal and Mahsheed Leily

     Each pairing would be best 2 of 3, progressing so; Gaithen over Olaf, Rian over Dagan, Drogo over Bri,  Uther over Padruig, Grimbaldus over Wilhelm,  Edward over Jean Claude, and after a double kill, Caillin over Loric.  At one point during Camric’s first fight and win over Malcolm, lightening struck nearby and the ground shook.  The second round continued with a number of double kills and saw:  Rian over Gethin, Dagan over Olaf,  Drogo over Uther,  Padruig over Bri, Edward over Grimbaldus, Jean Claude over Wilhelm, Camric over Caillin, and Loric over Malcolm.  More double kills in round three.  Uther over Jean Claude who was hurt, Caillin over Dagan, Rian over Drogo, Camric over Edward, Padruig over Grimbaldus and Loric over Gethin.  Next saw Camric over Rian, Padruig over Caillin, and Loric over Uther.  With two double kills and a win for each, Padruig was shown winner after the right knee of Drogo went out and he quickly departed the field calling he was gone and “thank you Gleann Abhann”.  Then it was Edward over Loric.  Semi-finals saw Padruig over Edward, and then the pairing of Padruig and Rian.  After double kills, wins and losses, and the last bout called to be fought again, the win and a place in the final round went to Rian who would face William, called Camric Greenshied.  As the final list tree shields were hung, the Order of the Chivalry was called and gathered around the edge of the field. Some of those Knights were Meridies Knight Marshal Sir Artos Ancilus, Sir Francois Duvant, Sir Rashid ibn Hilal, Sir Stephen Wolfe, Syr Loric Silvestris, Sir Caillin Macleod, Sir Tar Radu, Sir Rey RiBeaumont, Sir Padruig Dubh Chlogad, Sir Michael of the Mace, Sir Jean Claude Dominique Jeanin, Sir Eric of Chester, Sir Aengus Mac Owein, Sir Merwydd of Effington, Sir Robert Gethan Albricht, Sir Seth of Newcastle and Sir William Read of Alnwick.  Cecilia was escorted to stand before the Royal Pavilion, as was Viscountess Rainillt who displayed the Onora doll, a companion of the Camric doll.   Both Onora and Linnet had been unable to attend today’s event. 

     The consort and representative stood with TRM Wenherus & Lailiane and TSH Elesar & Marion as honorable words were spoken and the final two of three fights began.  With one win for each fighter, the third win went to Camric.  As the weather deteriorated, the ring of Gleann Abhann was presented and loud cheers were heard.  Meridies court was opened and Anyetta the Wanderer and Jane Beaumont were called to be recognized for elevation, Anyetta to the Laurel in evening court, Jane to the Pelican at Pennsic.  And immediately the sky opened and rain did fall in vast amounts and it was good to have friends with a stable, waterproof pavilion although the water that ran through was deep.  Because of the timing of the rain and the meetings that followed, I was not able to see the A&S display or eat the fundraiser lunch.

     In the evening many presentations were made during court.  The Tanist received his Coronet, awards and gifts for Pennsic baskets were noted by the heralds.  The Gleann Abhann Kingdom Committee brought forth the bid package, which was signed in court by TSH Elesar & Marion and HE William, and then presented to TRM Wenherus & Lailiane for study and their signatures.

The table made by THL Malcolm McAdiams won the A&S competition.

The Court Report with thanks to Barun Rory ua Riada reads as follows: 

Court of TRMs Wernherus and Lailiane 

Court Herald: Master Stephan of Durham
Diana of the Isles                                 Seleone           Sovereign's Pleasure
Drogo of Axbridge                               Tor an Riogh         Argent Comet
Isabella D'Arques                                Dragoun's Weal      Meridian Majesty
Robert von Flusswasser                     Dragoun's Weal            Meridian Cross
House Hilal                                         Small Gray Bear    Crown's Favor
Peyton of Iron Ox                               Tor an Riogh       Argent Comet
Alysia Gabrielle de Fougeres             Grey Niche         Order of the Bough
Patricia of Troll Fen                             Troll Fen          Award of Arms

Eilidh nin Choinnich                            Troll Fen            Argent Comet
Judith Wilkinson                                  Troll Fen          Award of Arms
Luther von Ziemer                               Grey Niche           Grant of Arms
Frederick di Alten                                Smythekep         Award of Arms
Adriana Celestina                               Tor an Riogh       Argent Slipper
Anyeta the Wanderer                         Grey Niche           Order of the Laurel 

Court of Their Stellar Highnesses Elasar and Marion
Court Herald: Lord David Douglass
Edward of Lyonsmoor                         Troll Fen                Prince's Champion
Morgana of the Mists                         Axemoor                 Onyx Chalice
William Read of Alnwick                    Troll Fen                  Combattant Rams
Odron Fian                                          Seleone                    Marble Chalice

     Feast, revelry and a birthday celebration followed. 

     These highlights were noted to the best of her memory and understanding by Barbara Sterling, Historian.  Corrections and additions to the event story will be happily accepted via email to historian@gleann-abhann.org.

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