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 Loc Bais Birthday Bash 2009

Loch Bais Birthday Bash 

Loch na Bas became an Incipient Shire in the summer of 1995, with a Birthday celebration in all but one of those fourteen years.  On June 13, 2009 AS XLIV Birthday Bash for Loch Bais took place as a one-day event at the Wesley Center, 520 University Parkway   Natchitoches, LA 71457.  To find your way, it was good to know maps or GPS still listed the street as College Drive.  I considered it an unheralded quest, as the one Ambassador flyer listed no address at all.  Complete directions were provided on he shire website. As I drew near, I sited Sibley Lake where the skeletal arm of the group’s device was found.  Prior Gilbert welcomed us as Lady Marcilla le Despencer, Reservationist, presented each of the sixty-three attendees a token of the shire’s device cast by Baroness Bethany Bacon.  The day began with donuts and breakfast beverages. 

Although the summer solstice had not yet arrived, having all activities in air-conditioning was a genuine treat. Bethany taught How to Run a List discussing various tourney styles and placement of bye fights in lists. Youth Combat Class was both one on one combat and discussion with those new to the sport.  The Historical Research Class was cancelled when no teacher arrived to teach it.  Mistress Sarah Macgregor taught a Protocol and Precedence Class. Many brought drums for a Basic Middle Eastern Drumming Class taught by Baron Grimbaldus Bacon, the event’s autocrat.   A number of youth played various period games and a round of Monopoly.  

With THL Lannon as marshal and THL Jean Louis as HRH Onora’s guard, eight took part in the Defender Tourney.  The Loch Bais Champion’s Rock stood ready to be claimed by Lord Olaf Bristlebeard, Sir Ashikaga Himimoto who was last year’s champion, THL Motan the Mongal, Baron Grimbaldus Bacon, Lord Griffin Fitzwyse, Lady Aishe, Lord Paul the Small or Lord John Bellringer.  Placing third was Olaf; Ashi took second and Motan won the Loch Bais Championship and a fine belt token.  Then he knelt before Princess Onora who tied her token, a small silver crown on a fine woven cord, to the handle of the hand painted Champion’s mug.  This Mongol will represent Loch Bais in the Champion’s list this autumn with the top two finishers entered into the grand Tournament of Champions, later that same day. 

Rixende de Rouen, one of six founding members of the group who were present, brought her baby daughter as well as her rapier gear.    This Baroness of Ansteorra crossed blades with a combatant from Meridies then both practiced with new or interested gentles.  For a brief period there were three dogs in attendance. Scratching behind ears was encouraged.

Making Flat Bread taught by Lord Leif Cliffstalker overflowed with attendees.  That bread was the basis for build your own Shawarma with hummus and all the fixings as the fundraiser lunch.  The Minden Methodist site frequently used for events would receive the donation. Lord Ebrahim brought a huge box of chips to our obvious enjoyment as well as his magic box for recording images.   The guessing game sought the number of tiny cupcake papers – what is a birthday without cake? and Barbara Sterling found the winner to be Caellach mac Aedain, a newly renamed member of Blackmoor Keep. 

Avalina produced some wonderful cord on her lucet.  Using multiple strands and colors of cotton yarn, the process went speedily. Iain and Gwenllian wove and Abigail Gryndley knit socks.  Questions as to mice on a pillow should to be addressed to our Princess.  Bran Finn and Melisande  (Kingdom Poet Laurent and Kingdom Bard) offered their bardic skills.  Lady Elena Ivanova was very successful in presenting her first feast.  It included old favorites and some new dishes to tempt our taste buds.  It ended with Neli’s famous pound cake, freshly whipped cream and luscious fruit -- peaches if you were Princess.  Hearing that Her Highness did not require more baskets, Loch Bais presented gifts in a shiny metal bucket.

Following the event some adjourned to visit in homes and local establishments while others made their way home.  It was remembered as a most pleasant day.  Images may be seen at       

Baroness Barbara Sterling 

The Online Flyer
Loch Bais Birthday Bash XIV   
Place: Wesley Foundation  520 University Parkway   Natchitoches, LA 71457
(street formerly known as College Dr.) directly across from NSU campus
This is an indoor site - A/C, full restrooms!!
Site opens 8:30 am Saturday and closes after feast
LIMITED indoor crash space available, tenting also available those interested should contact Lady Marcilla, Reservationist,
Prices: Adults $8, Children $5, Non-members add $3
Deduct $5 for Off Board
Make checks Payable: SCA, Inc./ Shire of Loch Bais
Mail reservations to: Lady Marcilla le Despencer
mka Sarah M. Higginbotham  (revhiggsz [-AT-] suddenlink.net)
520 Garland Rd., Natchitoches, LA 71457
Please note - this site is completely dry (no exceptions)
Lunch AND Evening Feast will be provided

Baron Grimbaldus Bacon
mka Brent Bacon
bbacon [-AT-] lsmsa.edu


Lady Elena Ivanova
mka Anelia Fairfield
nelif [-AT-] hotmail.com

Their Royal Highnesses William and Onora have placed Bash on their progress.

Directions:    Take best route to exit 138 on I-49 (Natchitoches).
Go east towards Natchitoches, you are now on LA 6. 
You will crest a hill and see a Welcome to Natchitoches sign followed by a streetlight.  There is a Brookshire’s grocery store on your left. 
Continue straight through the light.  NSU campus is now on your right.
You will pass through two more lights and then you should keep an eye out - the Wesley is on the left before the next light, next to Magee’s.
Look for SCA signs along the way.

Site opens at 8:30 a.m., and closes after feast.
Schedule:  (tentative… subject to change, forces of nature, acts of God, powers that be, etc.)
8:30        Coffee and Doughnuts
9:00        Class: How to run a list
9:00        Period games (on-going throughout the day)
9:45        Armor inspection
10:00     Shire Champion Tourney
10:30     Class: Making Flatbread
10:30     Class: Historical Research
11:30     Lunch
12:30     Light Fighting activities
1:00        Youth Combat classes/activities
3:00        Class: “Being a better Bard”
4:00        Intro to Middle Eastern Drumming
5:00        Awards (Court, if applicable)
6:00        Feast!!!
7:00        Site Closes

Ask Shire members about local activities for after the event.
For more information, visit the Website:

Evening Feast Menu:   Subject to Change
Bread & Veggie tray (1st and 2nd Removes)
French bread, butters, Cheese cubes
Carrot & celery sticks, Ranch dressing, Mixed Olives
1st Remove:
Mixed grilled sausages, Mustards
Saffron rice, Cucumber, Onion, Mint, and Feta salad
2nd Remove:
Marinated Chicken Wingettes, Wasabi Cream dipping sauce
Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Radish salad
3rd Remove:
Pound cake, Whipped Cream Sliced strawberries, Blueberries

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