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Gleann Abhann Crown List
November 2007

Autumn Crown List AS XLII


Gleann Abhann Crown List VI (11/17/07) in the Shire of Ardanroe was greatly anticipated.  With Jerusalem once again our backdrop, many wonderful silk banners encircled the list field as TRM Uther and Kenna arrived in fine Middle Eastern attire of cream, navy and peacock.  Beyond, the vigil tent of Sa’ad ibn Yusef al Hilal was guarded by armor stands of his house.  Prior to the list procession, court was opened and Masheed as Herald called for Enfendi Sa’ad.  As was typical for that time, when the King summoned someone, the reason for being called was uncertain.  It could mean great joy or beheading.  Restrained by Motan and Dagan of House Hilal, Sa’ad was brought before Their Majesties, thrown to his knees, forehead to the ground.  With each question Their Majesties asked that Sa’ad look into their eyes so they could see the truth.  “It is better to sow wheat than to sow thorns” was the motto embroidered in Arabic script on the tail of Sa’ad’s green turban. The tiraz bands of the sleeves of his abba read, “Honor above all“ and “Courtesy to all.”   Hand-sewn brown Mongolian boots covered his feet and a braided red belt was tied at the waist of this squire of Amir Rashid.


Begging that Sa’ad be spared from harm, Mistress Eilidh as a Pelican of the Society spoke on his behalf.  Mistress Brigit as Laurel told of his appearance and manner.  Both agreed he was their Peer.  As Knight, Sir Elesar spoke words of approval for this gentle.  The Order of the Chivalry knelt close and presented the trappings of Knighthood.  A woven white belt with a gold band was placed ‘round his waist by Stephen and spurs attached to his boots by Rashid and Wenherus.  From the hands of Caillin came the gold chain -- with some maneuvering required to clear the turban.  With the call “Is there a sword?” young Da’ud ibn Sa’ad came forth.  Kneeling beside his father he raised a leather-sheathed scimitar above his head to the hands of the King. Oaths were spoken. His Majesty used a shamsher belonging to the Amir for the dubbing. First kissing the sword, Uther touched it to both the candidate’s shoulders and head, then came a strong buffet, being the last blow he would receive unanswered.  The new Knight did not buckle but was sent him back some distance.  A warm embrace of congratulations from the King came swiftly, then similar words from each Knight present. So, Uther, as fifth King of Gleann Abhann had knighted Sa'ad as the fifth knight made in Gleann Abhann.  The impressive scroll of Arabic text and jewel-hued design by Masheed, with hammered metal frame by Dagan, was held high for all to see.  With a kiss for his lady Anna, she and the young ibns accompanied Sir Sa’ad to his new green/black Bedouin tent, a gift of John of Whitcombe.


From a list of 19, these vied to become heir to the great Ram throne.  William fighting for Onora. Elesar for Marion, Loric for Diana, Rashid for Genevote, Robert for Magdalena, John for Ancyra, Andrew (Lannon) for Katerina, Ali for Naqidah, James for Joan, William for Marisa, Ashikaga for Kimiko, Gilbert for Marcilla, Quintus for Meadhbh, Khalil for Ygraine, Ricarde for Aurelia and Paul for Christiana. (Complete names/titles on file) The double-elimination tournament began with the first round seeded by challenges made from one Combatant to another based on Order of Precedence. 


When the last blow of the tourney was thrown, Sir Camric Greenshield who ruled twice in the Principality as William Fitzhugh de Cambria and his lovely Lady wife Onora were called forth to receive the trappings as the Kingdom’s new Prince & Princess.    Amid embraces and cheers the lineage of our Kingdom continued.  Viscount Elesar of Northumbria, Amir Rashid ibn Hilal and Lord Ashikaga Hiromoto were the final fighters to be cleared before victory.


The day continued with meetings, games and talk of Survivor Valhalla until court began.  HRM Uther spoke proudly of the great tourney and of his “son” who we know has mighty shoes to fill.  Mistress Sarah and Lord James were acknowledged and applauded for the field setup and marvelous banners.  James also cast the pewter crown tokens.  Thanks went to Duchess Mary-Grace and THL Charles for the great food and beverages offered within the hospitality tent and to Lord Serafino and Mary-Grace for a special consort’s breakfast.  There was a Mimosa comment but it had nothing to do with flowers. Thanks were given to combatants and consorts as their inspiration.  Children and newcomers were acknowledged and fealty sworn.  HRM Kenna spoke of the skillful blade, grace and courtesy displayed by the recipient of the Wreath of Chivalry, as Queen’s Champion, Rashid ibn al Hilal, KSCA.  His Majesty noted one of the chivalric aspects of Crown List came in the form of the Banner of Valor.  That Banner bears the arms of previous holders and was awarded to Lord Ashikaga Hiromoto.  Kingdom Bard Juan Carlos Santiago and Poet Laureate Finian O’Niall were acknowledged.


Christiana Breaksphere, Neil Grey and Thomas Wilkinson received AOA’s.  Jam Recarediz won chocolates, guessing the correct number of Turkish coffee beans.  Alicia Wallace accepted a green belt from Mistress Brigit Olesdottir., then to mark the occasion,  she presented her new Laurel two fine hand-sewn veils.  Master Rory took Ceara O'Bardain as Protégé with a belt woven by yellow-belt sister Nonie Wlfraven.   He named Blackmoor Keep’s Nigel de Rothewelle' as number one reporting Reeve, Smythkepe second, Troll Fen third and gifts for each. Rory also crafted leather boxes for all his Reeves and introduced Caitriona Campbell of Loch Ness as new Exchequer.  Many thanks Rory.  The order of the Combatant Ram was called to congratulate Father Gilbert as newest member.  Two young daughters of Neil Gray & Gentile de Orleans presented gifts of fresh bread to the Royals.  Autocrat Baroness Medb brought us up to speed on feast, Gulf War registration and our Sunday exit.  THL Ambrielle Llewellyn who is seeking a replacement as Emerald (List) Herald was honored with the Diamond Chalice for Service.  Companions of the Silver Lamp, for Arts & Sciences, congratulated their newest member, who this day became Prince.  Indeed, it was HRH Camric who was so honored.  Turning from Arts to War, Uther noted Gleann Abhann was not “coming into their own”, but instead had stomped the enemy at Gulf War past.  Upcoming war practice should be attended.  Others will come to our land in March, land we will hold and protect.   Be at Fighter’s Collegium.


As the last piece of court business, Nigel de Rothewelle’ was called.  As he knelt before the thrones, Uther did walk into the assembled populace and speak of the good qualities of this man.  As the crowd cheered loudly in agreement, Nigel was made a Baron of the Court of Gleann Abhann.  THL John of Widcombe crafted Nigel’s leather coronet.  Yes, purple and black with a diamond silhouette.  It is my understanding that the Chirurgeon was notified to be on alert. No, the members of Blackmoor Keep did not question Nigel's good health; others just thought such a nice surprise might render one unconscious.  Yes Nigel, this time I knew in advance. Big John of course knew but he needed an accomplice to learn the size of Nigel's head and thus was born Sa’ad’s helm to head ratio chart. He measured helms and fighter’s heads and talked a believable story.  I asked pertinent questions and in addition to Sa'ad, took notes. What turned out was A Perfect Surprise and a perfect fit.  Congratulations Your Excellency.


A fine feast followed with entertainment between each remove.  To honor Sir Michael of the Mace on his birthday, House Sable Serpent acted as hall steward and servers.   Worthy praise was given to THL Dana the Quarrier and her kitchen crew who fed us well and also to Ardanroe for a wonderful event.


            Sunday morning, before the sun, I arose to travel to Barony Bordermarch – Ansteorra for their Crown List, but that’s another story.


Baroness Barbara Sterling

Gleann Abhann Historian

January 2008 Ambassador



Greetings Gleann Abhann!

We are pleased to announce the names of those who have successfully petitioned to fight in Gleann Abhann's 6th Crown List.  It is a good, strong group of Fighters and Consorts, and We will be proud to call any of these gentles Our Heirs:


Viscount William fitzHugh de Cambria for Viscountess Onora Inghean mhic Chathain

**Viscount Caillin Macleod for Viscountess Danielle de la Roche

Viscount Elesar of Northumbria for Her Excellency, Mistress Marion Leoncina da Susa

Syr Loric Silvestris for Her Excellency, Mistress Diana of the Isles

Amir Rashid ibn Hilal for Her Ladyship, Baroness Genevote Villenueve de la Fleche

***Sir Robert Gethin Albrit for Her Ladyship Celestine Albrit

Master Robert von Flußwasser for Her Ladyship Magdalena de Segovia

****THL Caedmon of Jorvic for Lady Lasairfhiona inghean ui Sheanachnasaigh

THL John of Widcombe for Her Ladyship, Baroness Anna Genevive of Ancyra

THL Andrew of Lochmaben for Her Ladyship, Katerina Dmitrieva

THL Ali al-Badawi al-Maghribi for Lady Fatima al-Naqidah

Lord James the Holy for Lady Joan of OOC

Lord William of Glen Lyon for Lady Marisa Symmes of Berewik

Lord Ashikaga Hiromoto for Lady Ashikaga Kimiko

Fr. Gilbert des Moulins for Lady Marcilla le Despenseur

Lord Quintus Lucius Bellator for Lady Meadhbh of the Galloglach

Lord Khalil ibn Abd al-Rahman for Lady Ygraine ux Draco

Lord Ricarde Lemarignier for Lady Aurelia de Medici

Lord Paul the Small for m'lady Christiana Breakspear

**  withdrew due to a broken finger

***  withdrew due to coaching of a school team that made it to the finals

**** did not compete

The List will be a traditional double-elimination tournament.  The first round will be seeded by challenges made from one Combatnant to another based on Order of Precedence. 


We would remind the Participants that We would like to see the Consorts' arms on the List Tree as well as the Fighters'.  Also, please contact Mistress Sarah MacGregor as soon as possible with your pavilion measurements.


Thank you all!  We are looking forward to a fantastic Tournament!


TRM Uther and Kenna, King and Queen of Gleann Abhann


Per the TV news this morning, the natural gas fire may not be contained until some time on Sunday. The fire is quite impressive on the news footage.  LA State Police have shut down the I-10 from La 415 (basically Port Allen) to Lafayette.
Good Luck to all the couples participating in Crown List and to all
Be careful going and returning. Traffic will be no fun.     Jennet


If you are traveling to Crown List from east of Lafayette, La and you will be traveling on I-10 to get to I-49 you need to check the status of  I-10 between Baton Rouge and Lafayette. It is currently closed due to a natural gas leak and they are routing traffic from Baton Rouge to Opelousas.                 Erik

(Interstate reopened after dark Sunday, 11/25/2007 )

Greetings! Before I let you know what is in store for the children in attendance at this weekend's Gleann Abhann Fall Crown List, I have a few things that the parents will need to be aware of:

1. We will be working with dough, plaster of paris, paints, etc. Lots of messy stuff. Please have your child dressed for a mess!

2. Because it looks to be a long list, we have decided to feed the children and NOT BREAK FOR LUNCH. We are providing this as a service for you, the parents, so that you won't have to rush around trying to retrieve your children and check them back in. And because of this...

3. We will be asking that each parent donate one hour of your time to children's activities. I will have a sign in sheet at troll for the parents. You may choose which activities that you would like to attend with your child, so long as we have at least TWO parents volunteering for EACH CLASS HOUR. Failure to gather enough volunteers will result in the cancellation of that class, and possibly the remainder of the children's activities for the day.

4. If your child has any allergies (food or otherwise) or any issues that might cause them to have problems during children's activities, please notify me at sign in. I will be happy to accommodate every child, but I need to be aware of things to be watching out for.

And I think that covers it! Please direct any questions, concerns, comments, gifts (grins) to me offlist at rebeccabaker72 AT bellsouth DOT net. Here is the schedule!

9:30 am - Ornaments (session I)
Instructor: Lady Ceara O'Bardain

10:00 am - Basic Blazoning (session I)
Instructor: Lady Rebecka MacGillivray

10:30 am - Chalk Making
Instructor: Lady Talaiin Al Erdeni

11:00 am - Ornaments (session II)
Instructor: Lady Ceara O'Bardain

11:30 am - Lunch (We WILL NOT dismiss)

12:30 pm - Dear Diary: Recording History from Day to Day Activities
Instructor: Barun Rory ua Riada

1:30 pm - Basic Blazoning (session II)
Instructor: Lady Kendra Deveraux

2:00 pm - Bardic
Instructor: Baroness Alina nic an Bhaird

3:00 pm - Folkloric dances of the Middle East for the young and young at heart
Instructor: Lady Heylen Tabiti

4:00 pm - Activities Dismiss




One small clarification... the fundraiser lunch will be venison & vegetable soup (for those of us who don't mind eating bambi), vegetarian potato soup (for those of us who don't eat any meat), or jambayla (and for those of us who eat meat, just not bambi).
<baronessmedb@bellsouth.net> wrote:
Greetings Good Gentles of Gleann Abhann from Baroness Medb ingen ui Mael Anfaid, Autocrat GACLVI.

I have included the schedule for this coming weekend's Crown List. The Shire of Ardanroe is excited to have everyone come vmeals, adding to the ambiance of the weekend, along with saving our trees. Meal information can be found on our Shire website. We also have information for the nearby hotels in case you haven't reserved a room yet, along with directions to the site. Feast & Beds were sold out a while back.

It will be an exciting day as we witness the crowning of our next Prince & Princess!

Friday Night
5:00 pm Site Opens
7:00 pm Traveler's Fare
10:00 pm Walking the Field followed by the Vigil for Sa'ad ibn Yusuf al Hilal
7:30 am Breakfast
8:30 am Consort's Breakfast
9:00 am Armor Inspection
10:00 am Morning Court, Processional to follow Court
12:00 pm Fundraiser Lunch-Shire of Loch Bais - Vegetable or
Vegetarian Potato Soups or Jambalaya (Please have your own feast gear)
2:00 pm/End of List Fiber Arts Guild Meeting/Knight's Meeting
3:00 pm Bardic/Poet Laureate Competitions/Kingdom Exchequer Staff
5:30 pm Court
7:00 pm Feast with Revel following

Sunday 10:00 am Site Closes, Drive safely
More information to come regarding Children's Activities!
If you have any questions please contact me at baronessmedb @ bellsouth.net. I will not have access to email on Friday as we will be busy loading up/setting up.


Here are some of the shots we took this weekend. We were sorry we didn't get to participate in the list, but really glad we were there for the pageantry and festivities.    --Danielle & Caillin



What in the world can you say about the Kitchen Crew at Crown List?  From Friday night when Lord Michael of the Harp, Lord Erde and the youngest pizza guy ever, Ian, started making pizza for Travelers Fare it just was a lot of people doing a bunch of cooking.

Breakfast was Lord Erde from start to finish. He did the planning, the cooking and the serving (and those really nice cards).

Feast would have never happened without all of these gentle people:THLady Melisant of Exmoor, Lady Amata Motzhart, and Katherin Aulds who spent their afternoon in the kitchen cutting, chopping, thising and thating and all left the site or the kitchen around twilight for other chores.

Lord John the Bellringer and Lord Erde are the GrillMasters...would you not agree?

House Sable Serpent came and as their birthday gift to Sir Michael of the Mace served the populace with grace and speed. Lord Drogo kept us all in line as Hall Steward.

Those invisiable people who put food on the trays, and made sure it was all the right temp were Lord John the Bellringer, Baroness Medb Mael Anfaid, Simon McConnoc (House Sable Serpent) Lord Blaec leDering, Viscountess Rainilt leDering, and the THLady Browen (who left her poor sick husband to come work as a grunt).

Lord love you all and know you have my humble thanks.  I hope i have not forgotten anyone, but i very well may have, just know that it wasn't because you were appreciated or needed, but because i am crazy as a betsy-bug

did you see the cake Lady Cerea  made????

dana quarrier



Congratulations to TRH Camric and Onora. Should anything unforeseen happen to TRM, our beloved kingdom is in capable hands.

To all of the combatants and their consorts, thank you for your dedication to the dream and allowing us to view a marvelous display of honor and chivalry.

The Shire of Ardanroe, especially Baroness Medb, the autocrat, you were wonderful hosts. You tried to make sure that everyone was well cared for and enjoyed the day and His Excellency and I certainly had a wonderful day.

Mistress Sarah and Lord James, your beautiful silk banners made the fighting field a wonderful heraldic display that made the dream come alive. Thank you for giving so much to the kingdom, so that we may all enjoy.

So many wonderful awards were given out in court and I would like to congratulate all those who received them. I especially would like to send a special greeting to our newest court Baron, Excellency Nigel.  I know our wonderful historian will put the news out shortly and she is so much more gifted in this area that I, but I wanted to say to everyone who did not have the opportunity to attend this list, you missed a wonderful event.

Again, many thanks to the populace of the Shire of Ardanroe for making us feel like family and welcomed guests.

We remain yours in service and friendship,
THL Ifor de Leycester and THL Morgana of the Mists
Baron and Baroness of Axemoor.


To "Sir Sa'ad" - Our reigning Knight... with Honor, and Grace and Heart he does fight-and to- Baron Nigel... a constant friend, gentle warrior, jovial and faithful to the very end I could not leave my life-mundane, but my spirit soars with you both, just the same. You both "exemplify" the spirit of our land and, if I may say, are looked up to, by each and every man. I could not be happier, no not an ounce more prouder, than to sing your praises and to shout out even louder

- ALL HAIL A SHIRE'S BEST FRIENDS - HUZZAH... HUZZAH,  I say, all we Denizens!!!

Wake up every man, woman and child in Blackmoor Keep and we have never been greater, through their efforts, let the word be known - this is not a time to ' sleep, for the heaven's elevated TWO shining stars - and we are not lessened, but heightened by both deities and Czars! Ring, Ring out the bells and long may our Historians tell of the tales!

Cornelius of Blackmoor, 19-Nov-2007 7:45a.m. A.S. XLII

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