Medieval Trebuchet,
The Minor Altercation Puppy
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Approximately one-fifth scale.
Arm: ten feet, four inches
Axel pivot: two feet
Height to axel: four feet, two inches
Distance between wheel axels: six feet
Frame constructed of  five-quarter by five inch treated pine.
Arm constructed of three laminated five-quarter by five and one-quarter then shaped.
Axel: one and five-eights steel, twenty four inches in length
Counterweight: plate steel and lead, currently three hundred pounds.

current accomplishments
softball - ninety-six paces
basketball - sixty-five paces
four tennis balls taped together - eighty-six paces
three, four tennis ball projectiles at once - sixty paces

If you are considering building a Trebuchet, I highly recommend "Ripcords Trebuchet stuff".

Trebuchet For Windows
A trebuchet program written at West Point.

Tabletop Trebuchet

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     updated 05/02/08